A Beautiful Day for House Cleaning!

Pearl Harris

I was sitting here watching the birds and hummingbirds and feeling guilty for not getting busy and clean my house. My mother never wasted time watching birds or just doing nothing. If she sat down she was always patching overalls or darning socks, so I feel a little guilty doing nothing. She never knew that you would pay more for jeans already needing patching. Crazy world! I thought that I might go clean my house and got to thinking about how we used to clean house when I was a kid. Of course, when we cleaned the floors we used a “Shuck” mop and white sand to scrub the wooden floors. Now I have to vacuum the carpet. It seems to me that instead of me using the vacuum it is using me. We hung our laundry on lines and let the sunshine dry them. Wasn’t the smell wonderful when we turned the sheets down at bedtime? Now you have to use dryer sheets to make your linens smell good. We even carried our mattresses outside to air. Now the air is not so fresh. I can look on my picnic table and see small black soot. I assume it comes from the diesels up on the road. We always opened our windows to let the sweet smell of grass and sunshine in. I can’t even open a window in my house. And another thing I do not remember when I was a kid – yes I was once a kid – that is pollen. I just don’t believe it was bad like it is now. I know some of you can’t believe I was a kid at one time. I’ve heard people describe older people in their “second” childhood. I prefer to still be in my first. My carpet needs cleaning – but I’m sure they would use some sort of chemical – so maybe a little dirt would be less harmful. You know what – since I couldn’t get that same “fresh sun shiny smell” to my house – I believe I will just go get me a bowl of chocolate chip ice cream and forget cleaning house. I will be like Scarlet O’Hara – I’ll think about that tomorrow!


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