I Wish I Were A Kid Again!

Pearl Harris

I am having to slowdown and I do not like it – but don’t get me wrong – I’m thankful to be able to be up and going at my age. But I still would like to be recycled to about 4 years of age. It would be wonderful to get up in the morning and all you had to do was just romp and play all day. I remember running barefoot through the cool grass and then in the warm sand beds. When it would come up a little storm and the wind would blow I would spread my arms and pretend I was flying. When I would tire of that I would gather up leaves and weave them together to make me a crown or a belt. The different leaves would have a different smell – the walnut leaves seemed to be more fragrant. I loved to gather china berries and try to make beads. I would gather little tiny white wild flowers and try to make perfume out of them. Then I would make pies. Didn’t that mud feel good squeezing through your toes? We would find a mud puddle and get our toes clean again. My mother never scolded me if I got a little dirt on my clothes even though wash day was hard. She would scold us if we got mulberry stains on our clothes. There were so many things that God put on this earth for us to enjoy. We could pick blackberries and wild plums and other wild fruits that we could eat. One of my favorite pretty things was what we called French mulberries. They were clusters of small purple berries up and down a long stream. Sometimes when the wind blows and I see leaves falling I want to run out and catch them. But you know what – I can’t run anymore. But isn’t it wonderful that we have the mind to remember all these wonderful things that we used to do as children? When I started this article I was a little down because I couldn’t go out in my yard and do some thing that needed to be done. But now I’ve gotten barefoot and I can almost feel that mud oozing up between my toes. Oh – to be a kid again – But “Thanks for the memories”.



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