It’s Peach Picking Time!

Pearl Harris

I love peaches! They are my favorite fruit. I wish they were in season year round.

My friend and I have been going to Calhoun to get peaches for the past 2 years. They freeze so well and a peach cobbler is great in the middle of winter. My friend was doing the driving. My kids think I can’t drive – I don’t think you can forget how to drive a car – but I humor them whenever I want to. Anyway, we found our way to this peach farm for 2 years but this year we got lost. They either made new roads or renumbered the ones that were there.

We ended up in Choudrant but a nice young lady at Choudrant Appliance printed it out on the computer for us. It was very easy to get there with that pictured out instructions. Anyway, we got our peaches and it was nearly dinner time, so we came back and had lunch in Ruston. That was Thursday. So I spread my peaches out and thought they would be ready by Saturday to put in the freezer. I talked to my friend Friday late and she had already put hers – most of them – in the freezer. I checked about 7 p.m. and sure enough, a lot were ready. Well, it was late and I was tired already (I get that way really easy – even when I don’t do a lot of work). I don’t quite understand it. I’m the same person – but my body say it’s not going to do a lot of things any more. I wish I could trade it in for a new one – but I haven’t found a place to do that. Oh, the doctors can patch you up and replace parts – thank goodness for that! Anyway, it’s Saturday morning and I was at the sink peeling peaches. It was cool, had running water, a good light – but the 13 knives I tried to peel peaches with wouldn’t cut butter. I remember my Dad had a “whet rock” and I had a file but it wouldn’t do the job – but I found a knife sharpener – but the instructions must have been written by a foreigner.

Anyway, as I was peeling I began to think back when we had our own peach orchard. Dad would pick a wash tub full and we would get on the back porch and peel peaches. It was hot – the flies wanted a bite of the fruit and sweat would run down our face. Mom would caution us – not eat them – but we would slip a bite once in a while – and so would she! When she got a big pan full she would go to the kitchen and can them. She put them in glass quart jars. They didn’t have a screw top. They had a glass lid with a wire that snapped over the lid to keep it sealed. Then she would stack them in shelves. They were so pretty and the cobblers were so good during the winter months.

The plastic bags I put my peaches in were pretty, but they’re out in the freezer and I can’t see them. But it will be so nice to go get fresh frozen peaches out to make my granddaughter a peach cobbler (her favorite). It was a lot of work – but we thank God that the weather cooperated and we had a good peach crop.

God is so good to allow us to farm and have plentiful food. We thank Him for all His blessings.




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