Ol’ Time Religion Songs

Pearl Harris

No, I haven’t gone into preaching, but sometimes I’d like to. I’m not endorsing Lawrence Welk – but I listened to his program tonight – Aug. 1st – entitled “Precious Memories”. It was old gospel songs that I grew up with and haven’t heard in a long time. It blessed me in more ways than I can say. I may be one of a kind, but a good old gospel song can bless me more than a lot of sermons. I do not know if there is another person in this world who loves the good ol’ gospel songs more than I do. I mean if they are sung to the tune that they are written. I hear some of them that I hear the words, but they are all jigged or sung like rock. I don’t believe the godly people who were inspired to write these wonderful hymns intended for them to be sung in almost unrecognizable tune and words. No, I’m not going into the ministry and I may not even be worthy in writing this – but some small voice inside of me said “Go for it”. When I was growing up we sang those songs over and over and they always had a meaning for me and they still do. We always had revivals and those were the songs we sung and they touched our hearts just as much as the words of the preachers who came to conduct the revivals. It still trills me to have some of the good old gospel songs selected in our services today. My voice is not very good – it is scratchy and out of tune – but my heart is still in the right place to enjoy the hymns of old. May God bless our song leaders and groups who continue to spread God’s love to us in songs that remind us of His great love for us.



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