YUM….A Watermelon Party!

Pearl Harris

Last week my friend called and asked if I could come on Friday to share a watermelon with some friends. I immediately accepted. Last year was the first year in 95 years that I did not eat a watermelon. I wanted one – but I remembered the trouble I had before – so I decided not to try it again. I told Yak to put the watermelon on the back seat. I had no idea how I would get it in my house when I got home. I thought perhaps someone might drop in for a visit – but no – I couldn’t wait so I got a cloth grocery bag and put the melon in it and gently put it on the floor of the car and then gently rolled it out on my feet in the carport. Then I drug it through the carport into the kitchen – always on the floor. I washed it the best I could after I put newspaper under it. Then I cut it in half and was able to pick up the halves and refrigerate it. But I never tried it last year, so I really enjoyed our party! I knew she would have a unique way of serving it – as she always comes up with clever ideas. It was on a glass platter with green under it and the top sliced off. It was almost too beautiful to cut – but we did and it was truly delicious. I had seen watermelons cut cross ways in round slices and served on a plate – but it made me recall how we ate watermelon when I was growing up. My Dad always tried to have one ready and ripe for the 4th of July – that and ‘roasting ears” of corn. Oh, we didn’t fancy it up. He sliced it and handed it to us and we went up and down that slice of melon in no time. It didn’t matter if it was all over our face or running down our elbows – but, oh … it was so good! Memories are so wonderful and it was wonderful to hear their stores of eating melons also. Anyway, it was a most enjoyable gathering to remind us of what life we have had and are still able to enjoy the simple things in life. Isn’t God so good to us? I am so thankful that He has allowed me to enjoy life for nearly 96 years and have such wonderful friends. May God bless us all!




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