Memories – Good, Bad, Confusing & Wonderful

Pearl Harris

I think I’m tired of trying to remember 70 year old events. If you have been watching TV this week you know that there has been a lot of WWII material available. To me it has been a bit confusing. Of course, at times all this information was not available to us. I guess it was good that we didn’t know what was really going on. Now, they are telling us how all these events were planned and how they took shape. I find myself thinking “well, I remember that” but I don’t recall how some of the results were. I’m so glad that I was able to have been a part of what they called “The Greatest Generation”. Not that I personally did anything “big” except to furnish a “tall gunner” on a B-26 who made 33 missions over every territory in ETO. But I did my part at home – like everyone else – in helping the war effort. With all the TV programs on Memorial Day and now on D-Day and to see these veterans return to Omaha Beach, I can’t help but bring back memories which were sort of laid aside for a while. So few of the WWII Veterans are still around that I’m happy that they are recognized for their service. I am hoping that this will be put in the history books so that the future generation will realize what made us a free America. Let us pray that we will always have people who are willing to sacrifice to keep America free.

God Bless America!

P.S. After listening to the Brian Williams program last night on TV, I have finally realized and am thankful that I have lived through and had a very small part in one of the greatest events in the history of the United States of America and the World. I am grateful that I have lived in this era and can remember what a wonderful victory it was for the allies.


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