Watching It Get Dark!

Pearl Harris

My wonderful daughter-in-law calls me every night to see how my day went. When she called a few days ago she asked what I was doing. I told her I was watching it get dark. She asked me to repeat it. I told her I watching it get dark. I have a sun room with glass all around. So, when the sun went down I turned out the lights and opened the glass jalousies hoping to hear some crickets, katydids, or see a lighting bug. I recall that when I was a child that was what we did when it got dark in the summertime. There were all sorts of sounds – it sounded almost musical. I guess it was crickets, katydids, or whatever, with a few croaking frogs. Anyway, we called it “night sounds”. I remember catching “lightening bugs” in a jar. Of course I wasn’t about to get out to collect lightening bugs at my age. But I didn’t see a single one nor did I hear any “night sounds”. I was disappointed to say the least. But you know it was such a relaxing time I think I will do it again – but don’t tell anyone, they will think I’ve gone “loco” at my age. A few nights later when she asked what I was doing, I told her I was sitting in my recliner listening to the 100 year old clock tick. It was so relaxing I’ll try it again – but we will keep it a secret – just in case someone will think I’m really daffy. But with all the noises – television, air conditioning units, trucks passing, dogs barking, phones ringing – it was wonderful to find just a short time to just sit and listen to “nothing”. As I’m writing this I heard a thunder a little way off. Maybe it will come a shower and I can sit here and hear the rain run down the gutter. No, I’m not crazy, I’m just learning.



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