Memories of July 4th Long Ago

Pearl Harris

I am writing this the day before we celebrate July 4th. As I sit here I was remembering the July 4th long ago when I was a child – before I was six years of age. We lived out of Junction City about 3 miles in the country. We didn’t celebrate many holidays – Christmas, Thanksgiving, and July 4th. The best that I can remember we had fried chicken which we didn’t usually have except on a Sunday. My Daddy’s greatest desire was to have a watermelon ripe by the 4th and some “roasting ears”. That is corn mature enough to boil on the cob. He was happy if he accomplished this and after eating dry peas and beans all winter anything fresh was really good. We had no refrigerator, but after dinner (noon meal) my Dad would take a “tow sack” – a burlap bag and walk 3 miles to get some ice and lemons. He wold take that 2 gallon granite water bucket and cut the lemons in half and take both hands (one over the other) and squeeze the juice out of them. Then my Mom would add sugar and water to the juice and he would fill it with the ice (what was left after a 3 mile water). Then we would all gather at the lemonade table and fill our glasses with that good cold lemonade. Oh, was it good! This frozen stuff you buy now doesn’t compare. But it is so much easier to make. We would sip on our lemonade pretty slowly because there would not be any more until July 4th rolled around again. As time went by we did some other things on that holiday – but somehow it seems that those were the best celebrations. Late on we borrowed an ice cream freezer from the neighbor on the 4th but somehow that lemonade taste remained with me. I hope you had a wonderful celebration this 4th of July in 2014. I won’t do much – but I will picture my Daddy’s hands squeezing those lemons and how good life was – way back when.


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