Fall Is Coming – It Always Has!

Pearl Harris

Wasn’t it wonderful that God gave us a reprieve from the summer heat for a few days? I can’t wait for autumn to return – it always has and it is such a beautiful time of the year. I have just noticed that I have more hummingbirds than I’ve had all summer – so they must be on their way south. Aren’t the birds so smart – they know when to go south. The hummers had already gone from Red River, New Mexico. My son sends me the weekly paper – Red River Miner. Someone wrote the most beautiful description of fall out there – as it is already fall on the mountains. So I thought about the fall weather when I was growing up. I loved when the wind blew from the north. It was so refreshing after the lone hot summer. I would run and catch the leaves as they blew from the trees. They were such pretty colors and I would imagine that God had come down from heaven in the night and painted them all the beautiful different colors. I would paste them on paper – but they didn’t keep their color long. We would all go out when we heard the geese flying over – that was a big deal – we knew cold weather was not far behind. They would fly in that perfect V shape. I would watch the squirrels gather hickory nuts and bury them for a later meal. Our old house was not real warm – but we would put on more clothes to keep warm. It was so exciting when the first snowflakes fell. I loved to see the smoke swirl out the chimneys and smell the oak wood burning. I loved all the signs of fall and still do. I can’t wait till the leaves turn and the cool wind greets you as you go outside. Wasn’t it nice that God gave us such a beautiful time of year before the cold bitter winds of winter come? I hope you will enjoy our upcoming fall and appreciate all the seasons God has given us to enjoy. Happy Autumn!



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