Where are the Aprons?

Pearl Harris

I never go into my kitchen that I don’t put on an apron. I must be a messy cook or maybe it is because my Mother always wore an apron and there was an extra one for my sister and I to put on. Somehow my sister always found something else to do, but I liked to watch my Mother cook and I had to wash dishes and I didn’t like dishwater on me. As I told you before we always played with my Mom. She was good natured and sometimes she would splatter a little dishwater on me just to see me get aggravated. But it was all in fun. I never remember seeing my Mom without her apron. She wore one in the kitchen and after lunch she would put  on a clean starched one. In her later years when we would go  visit, she would meet us at the door and ask, “Is my apron clean or do I have any spots of food”. Her eyesight failed so she could not see every spot. People call me a little peculiar about my “spotted apron” so you see where I come from. One of my good friends gave me some checked pieces of material just right for aprons, so I sewed up a few for my daughter-in-laws, but they didn’t take them – guess they don’t spill things like I do. But I like pretty aprons. We would put lace, rickrack, bias tape or some sort of decoration on them. I still have some of the prettier ones. Another thing gone by the wayside is sun bonnets. I guess straw hats took their place. We had pretty bonnets that my Mom made and it was not fashionable to have a suntan then. She also had some pretty shawls – but they seem to be making a come-back. So, who knows – someday aprons will make a return.

I had a great 96th Birthday. I was not able to get out, but my friends brought in our meal along with flowers, cards and lots of calls. I’m still celebrating a week later – but how many people have 96 birthdays? God had given me a wonderful life and a lot of your people have been a part of it.   Thank You!

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