Brrr…. It’s Cold Outside!

Pearl Harris

The main topic of conversation today has been the cold weather we will experience for the next few days. I couldn’t help but issue some thanks for a warm home to live in. I’m sure a lot of our people do not have this and I could not help to think back some 80 or 90 years ago when we did not have a nice cozy warm home. It wasn’t easy to stay warm even inside. We were like most of the people then – our homes were not insulated and had lots of cracks for the cold to find a place to get in. We couldn’t turn on a faucet to get water – we had to break ice on the bucket – even inside the kitchen. We couldn’t adjust the temperature to 72 or 75 degrees. We had to go outside and bring in wood to put in the heater and cook stove. We had no heat in our bedrooms, and it was cold crawling in between those flannel sheets. We piled cover on us until we could hardly turn over. We didn’t once we got a warm place for our feet. I remember my parents going out to milk the cows and feed the mules and chickens. They came back to the wood heater with almost frozen hands. Now, most of us go to our refrigerator and get milk and eggs – but that is not how it was then. And every time I use the bathroom today – I can almost feel that cold north wind on my “bottom” when we had to use the “two holer”. Ok, it was a tough life, but it was a good life, and how grateful we should be for all the modern conveniences we have today. Tonight as we slip under those warm blankets in a nice warm home, let us thank God for all our blessings and pray for those people who are less fortunate than we are and that they will have a nice warm meal and a warm place to sleep. We know there are many who are in this world who are cold and hungry and maybe some close to us. May we ever be grateful for our blessings. Keep warm! And may we ever be grateful for “the good life” and may God continue to bless us.



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