Another Modern Problem – Our Health Insurance

Pearl Harris

I’m not talking about Obama Care – I don’t think anyone knows what the problems are. Anyway, I don’t pretend to be qualified to even discuss that. I’m sitting here looking at a stack of a 2 page report that comes every time I get a prescription filled. That stack is for 2014. There are two pages for each prescription filled. It would take a week to shred it – but they say I have better do that because it has my insurance number on it, and someone might get it and use it. It used to be so simple to be sick. We did not have a telephone, but our neighbor did. So if a family member wasn’t cured by Vicks, Castor Oil, Black Draught, 3 6’s or some other home remedy – we would ask the neighbor to call the doctor. It would not be long before he came. I recall when he came in a buggy and horse but by the time we moved into Junction City he had a car. So we would watch for him as he brought his little black bag in with a lot of peculiar “tools” and bottles of medicine. The doctor would examine us – or look us over and either give us some pills or recommend a home remedy. I don’t remember my dad paying him, but I’m sure he must have at some time or other. We never received a bill, nor did we have to keep up with a half dozen cards with numbers on them. Nowadays, it is so complicated – have to call and make an appointment – wait an hour in the waiting room and finally see the doctor. I’m not criticizing the doctors – I’m sure it is just as aggravating to them as to us. I would hate to see all the reports they have to fill out for the insurance company. Life used to be so simple – I’m wondering if all the “stuff” we have to do these days – “Just living” – is what is making us sick. I’m so thankful for all our modern medicine – but what am I going to do with this stack of papers? Dare I shred them – just in case they might be required for some report? Guess I’d better keep them till after tax time. After then – we’ll have a “shredding party”.



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