My Favorite “Old” Shoes

Pearl Harris

As I prepared to retire the other night I removed my favorite house slippers. I have 3 or 4 pair, but somehow these were my favorite and now they have a hole in the sole of each shoe. It brought back thoughts of what my Dad would do when we wore a hole in the sole of our shoes. We had a “shoe last” – as least I think that is what it was called. It was on a barrel shaped base. It was made of iron ore shaped like a shoe bottom. He had a square of leather and would draw an outline of the sole of our shoe. He would cut that piece of leather the size of the bottom of our shoe. He would put the shoe on the last upside down and fit the shaped leather over the old sole. Then he would tack all around the edges until the new sole was secure. He had to make sure the tacks were bent down inside the shoe so they would not stick our foot. It was amazing to watch the process and it saved a lot of money by “doing the job yourself”. I also had an uncle who owned a “shoe repair” shop in Junction City. My brother had a job there for a while. We did not have to buy shoes very often as he repaired as long as possible. Now I do not know of a Shoe Shop anywhere in this area. Now we all have several pairs of shoes and we can discard the ones who are worn out. I do not want to discard these favorite shoes, but my Dad is not here to resole them. I am wondering if “duct tape” might do the job. Hmmmm – I think I’ll go try it and save my favorite house slippers for a few more days.

Hey! The duct tape works – at least for a while.



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