Wintry Mix – Go Away!

Pearl Harris

The wintry mix is so pretty, but it is so inconvenient. When I was growing up – as a small child – it wasn’t so inconvenient. We had no electricity – we had kerosene lamps and had the same light as always. We had no electric stove or microwave, so we did not have to depend on that to cook our food. We had a wood stove – and as long as we had wood, we cooked our meals as usual. Maybe we had to bring in more wood for our fireplace or wood heater, but we stayed warm. Now if the power goes off we do not have our heating system to reply on. It was cold bringing in more firewood, but we were warm. We had no heat at night, but we had flannel sheets, a feather bead, and lots of quilts. Once you got a warm place, you stayed put. You couldn’t move anyway with all the quilts piled on you. We didn’t worry about the roads being iced over – they were dirt roads anyway and the mules could go if we had to have supplies. We did not have to go to the store – most of our food was raised and stored at home. Now if the power fails we are just helpless almost, and the roads are iced over, we just have to stay in. Oh, I still think about us getting out and rolling up a snowman. It was so much fun. And making snowballs and throwing at each other. I still think the snow is beautiful – but wintry mix, you can just go away. We can be thankful we live in the South and we do not have much of that – but just go away. I’m ready for Daffodils and honeysuckle and flowering shrubs. Just be patient – they will come. God has control and He knows what is best, so let’s thank Him for all the wonderful seasons. God bless you and stay warm!

P.S. One day later – Well, I wrote about the “wintry mix” and how some of us older ones were so concerned that the power would fail and how inconvenient it would be for us. And what did God do? He sent us that beautiful snow. I think it was the most beautiful snow fall I’ve ever seen. I think God was trying to tell us something – to quit worrying about the weather – that He had everything under control. Thank God for the beautiful snowfall.



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