It’s Snack Time!!!

Pearl Harris

I was either bored or hungry and I was thinking about a snack to eat! I looked in the pantry and didn’t find anything suitable. So I began to think about what I had for a snack when I was growing up.

I think the thing I remember the best was a cold biscuit with a hole put in it and poured ribbon cane syrup in the hole. Sometimes it would leak out some of the syrup, but I just licked it off my fingers. Very sanitary, huh? But it never made me sick.

The next best snack was a cold, baked sweet potato cut in half and a chuck of homemade butter in it.

The next best snack was a slice of cold hot water bread with a chunk of  homemade butter. My mom made hot water bread into 2 big pones. It would slice when it was cold like a slice of pound cake.

We usually had teacakes on hand. Those snacks must have tasted so good or I would not be able to recall the memories of them.

Well, I didn’t find any of those in my kitchen so I just put some peanut butter on some soda crackers. It satisfied me for the moment but wouldn’t it be fun if we could really go back and experience those things again but just have to say “Thank you for the memories”.

Have a nice snack!



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