A Mosquito is Still a Mosquito

Pearl Harris

Almost everything is changing today but a mosquito that plagued us a long time ago when I was a kid has not. I suppose they have learned a lot about mosquitoes, but to me they still feel like the same bite. It was a beautiful sunshiny day one day this week so the sitter took me out in the back yard to look at my roses. I did not think about putting on a mosquito repellent, but I wish I had. We didn’t have a mosquito repellent when I grew up but we had something called “citronella” that would help but the best way we had to repel them was to find an old syrup bucket and fill it with rags and set fire to it. It wasn’t really burning, but just smoking. It wasn’t really a sweet smell, and maybe that is why I hate to smell some smoke today. The odor was terrible but it was better than “scratching” mosquito bites. They have learned a lot about mosquitoes – different kinds – and diseases their bites can cause but mosquitoes are pests we do not like. But God put them here on earth for a purpose – and I am wondering what it is. So I suppose I will have to stay indoors and look through the screen at the roses. If you know of anything mosquitoes are good for, please let me know. There must be something they are good for. Guess God put them here to enjoy us. “Happy Scratching”!


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