Guns – Guns – Guns

Pearl Harris

Not a day goes by that we don’t hear about the horrible things that happen with a gun.

When I was growing up we had a 410 gauge shotgun. It was very useful back in those days. No one touched the gun except my Dad and Mom. We knew the gun was dangerous if not used correctly.

We lived in the country, no neighbors close by. If the neighbors were in trouble they would go outside and shoot the gun several times. They used this signal if the house or woods nearby were on fire. They fired so many shots for different events and their neighbors responded to their needs. There were no fire alarms or telephones to notify neighbors if they needed help. So, neighbors always responded.

There were wild animals that were dangerous, not only to people, but to livestock. The guns were used for a good purpose. Wild animals were not always killed, but the sound of the gun would make them go away. Stray dogs would get in the hen house and eat the eggs, so Mom would kill them. They were stray dogs, no one’s pets. Also, hawks were bad to catch baby chicks. Our family depended on our livestock for food.

Panthers were prevalent back then, and if you have never heard one scream, it is not a good sound. It sounds like a woman screaming, and if you’ve heard the old expression, “Makes your hair rise up on your head”, it was really scary.

Guns were used to provide meat for the family. They are used in a lot of good ways today—especially for hunting for pleasure or food.

Isn’t it a shame that we take so many things made for good to be turned into such horrible uses today, like shooting policemen who are here to protect us. Let’s all pray for their safety from the “crazies” who turn a good thing into such a horrible thing.

While I’m writing, I first have to say how much I appreciate the law enforcement people who protect us. I think we should ask God to protect them as they strive to protect us. May God bless the police officers so they can protect us.



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