Setting Goals

Pearl Harris

I don’t think I used to set goals for myself but I think I did. But they were all fairly easy to reach. But the two goals I just reached meant a lot to me. I set a goal to see my great granddaughter get her degree at LA Tech and she did that in May. Since my ability to get around is not good – but with the help of a wheel chair – I reached that “goal”. Then I set a goal to attend her wedding on Sept. 12. So, that is probably the last goals I will set. Someone said, set a goal to reach my “100th Birthday” – but I’m not sure about that. I just have to tell you how different her wedding was from mine. There was no formal wedding – or dress. I did have a new dress and HAT AND GLOVES. We married at my friend’s house because of LA License and the church was in Arkansas.

It cost us $4.98 in pennies to the preacher. We rode a Trailways Bus to Galveston, TX for the honeymoon. My great granddaughter had a traditional wedding – beautiful – beautiful – in Douglas Methodist Church. Everything went perfect. We had lunch on my wedding day at my husband’s grandmother’s home with his family. The great granddaughter’s reception was great – 300 people – good food, which I expected. But outside in the park it was carnival-like. There was a tent and a band and a dance floor. They had cotton candy, picture taking and some other things. I was way behind on what happens today, not only at wedding receptions – but everything else. I even climbed 25 flights of stairs to get to the rehearsal dinner. This 97 year old woman made it all – but “me thinks”  that my “goal making” is over, but ‘me thinks’ it might not being I am stubborn as my friends and children say I am, an if God will help me, and He will, I’ll do my best!



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