The Holidays Are Here Again!

Pearl Harris

I declared when I had to live alone that I would not let myself get depressed. But last week I begin to feel sad and could not really think why. Then when I saw a “Christmas Movie” on TV – I said that is why I am depressed. It was just last week that it was Christmas 2014, or so it seemed to me. I began to think what I would do this year.

Well, it didn’t take me long to realize that it would not be possible to do all that I had done all my life. So I just began to go back and think about “Christmases Past”. I had such a good time. I remembered when Santa came and filled my sock with stick candy, a big red apple and some fireworks and maybe a small doll or toy. There wasn’t much – but it was good to get that.

When I married and had children it was so much fun to watch them get up and see what Santa had brought. Oh, the memories kept rolling in and I thought what a wonderful life I had at Christmas. I don’t know what this Christmas will bring – but I know I won’t be making dressing, turkey and all the trimmings – but it was fun and the memories are great.

Thanksgiving was always a good time of year. The only thing when I was growing up that I didn’t like about Thanksgiving was having to help my Mom chop that fat hen’s head off. But oh! Wasn’t the dressing that my Mom made just wonderful. I would “snitch” some of it before it was baked. And those sweet potatoes baked in the oven of a wood stove were like eating candy. You know when I finished going back over those memories, I snapped out of being sad and thanked God for all the wonderful holidays that I have had in my lifetime. It’s not quite the same – some family members are not here but we have new ones.


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