Court Items

The Gazette
August 20, 1902

Monday morning at 10:30 Judge Dawkins called court to order, all the other officers being present. J. G. Trimble was appointed foreman of the grand jury and the panel was completed as follows: M. M. Compton, Will Williams, W. A. Burke, J. W. Beasley, A. J. Cole, J. R. Henry, W. F. Usrey, Lon Mabry, John W. Merritt, Mitch Feazel and J. A. Jameson. W. A. Burke was elected clerk. The criminal docket will occupy this week of court mainly through Thursday in trial of minor offenses, and the more serious matters will come up before the petty jury next week.

Robt. Murry pleaded guilty to charge of assault, and was fined $5 and cost.

Felix Ward, was convicted of charge of assault and battery and was fined $5 and cost.

Nolle prosequi was entered in case against Thornton Bearden, on charge of assault and battery.

Probate and appeal docket fixed for trial Friday.

Suits of Millsaps & Co. vs W. T. Hay et al. and Wade Cox vs. Mrs. N. A. Brown were dismissed.

In suit of Levy Loeb & Co. vs. Edmund Haas, judgment was rendered for plaintiffs for $189.57.

E. C. Hampeter vs. Haas Mercantile Co., Ltd., judgment for plaintiff for $58.35.

Gullet Gin Co. vs. B. F. Farrar, judgment for plaintiffs for about $275.



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