The Proposed Parish Fair

The Gazette
August 20, 1902

Next Saturday is the date fixed for the holding of a meeting in Farmerville to decide whether or not a fair will be held in Union Parish this year. A sufficient amount in cash and premiums has been subscribed to guarantee a successful fair, and we see no reason why it should not be held. On the contrary, there are many arguments in its favor, which are apparent to every progressive citizen of the parish.

We only have to take a retrospective glance and consider the upward strides made in the stock, cattle and swine industries of Union Parish, as the beneficent results of the recent fairs held here, to realize their importance. Before the organization of the Union Parish Fair Association, which, through carelessness and indifference, has been permitted to “sleep” through one year, our farmers gave but little attention to stock raising, and their cattle and swine were of the most common breeds. Exhibits of blooded stock at the fairs awakened the people to the fact that as good horses and mules could be raised right here in our midst as could be bought in Kentucky and Missouri; and as the result, stock growing was given a new impetus. The same might be said of cattle and hogs, to say nothing of the diversification of agricultural products as an outgrowth of the fair meetings.

Besides, there is a social and pleasure side to these annual holdings of fair, not only to those who have exhibits, but to the public in general; and this phase of the matter is too apparent to all to need any further argument here.

We say by all means reorganize the Union Parish Fair Association; and then never let its banner trail in the dust again.



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