Recalling V-J Day

Pearl Harris
August 14, 2011

I was just looking at my calendar and saw that August 14th was V-J Day. I can picture in my mind exactly where I was on that day at 6 p.m. I was working in the Payroll Office of Lion Oil in El Dorado, AR, in the Exchange Building, at 6 p.m. everyone went to the Methodist Church in El Dorado to celebrate and give thanks that the WWII was over. When my sister and I arrived the church was full and the parking lot was crowded. I even remember what I was wearing – I had made a yellow linen vest like top and a gathered striped skirt. All the church bells were ringing and sirens and car horns were blowing. It was a great feeling. My husband was finally going to get to come home from overseas after 1 1/2 years of flying missions in the European Theater of Operations. I don’t really understand why some incidents stay so vivid in our minds. But memory is a wonderful thing that God has given us. This was 66 years ago and it is as vivid as if it were today. I can’t help but adding this last thought – I don’t remember the summers as being this hot this long. I’m hoping and praying that by the time this comes out in the Banner that we will have some cooler weather and rain. Hope you didn’t forget on Aug. 14th to thank God for all that the “Greatest Generation” did for our country and if you see a Veteran “Thank” him or her for our Freedom!


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