Some “Favorite?” Childhood Memories

Pearl Harris

These may not be my favorite childhood memories, but they definitely are some of the most vivid. I’m sure all of you know that we had outdoor “outhouses”. Well, we had to go through the chicken yard to get to the outhouse. Well, as you might not know that chickens do not have outhouses, they just think the whole yard can be used at their convenience. As we found it necessary to visit the outhouse – usually we were barefoot – when we went through the chicken yard – well, if you’ve ever felt that warm ‘stuff” oozed up through your toes – you can understand why it is so vivid in my mind.

Another “favorite” memory also involves the outhouse. We had progressed from a two-hole up to a “pit toilet”.  My mother made the prettiest sunbonnets to wear outside in the sun. Getting a suntan wasn’t the “in thing” in those days. So, one day I put on the bonnet and proceeded to the little house. Somehow that bonnet slipped off my head and fell in the “pit”. Would you believe my Mom made me fish that bonnet out of that pit and clean it up? Even though it was washed and boiled – to me it was never clean. So somehow I always used an umbrella after that.

Back in those days there was not a “stock law”. That means that livestock were allowed to roam the neighborhood. For some unknown reason those male and female cows knew that I was afraid of them. One day my girl friend and I were walking by those animals and they decided to chase us. We found a yard with a fence around it and jumped over the fence. Guess what we landed in? A great big Texas cactus with huge thorns on it. It was really embarrassing to have to have someone pick the stickers from our rears. Another incident I hope no one else remembers is that one of my friends and I was going to sing “They Cut Down the Old Pine Tree” in front of our class. Somehow we got tickled (you remember how it was easy it is for kids to get in this predicament). We had laughed so much that all of a sudden I had to make a dash to the restroom. Well, as you’ve probably guessed, I didn’t quite make it.

One of my sons told me I should write about some of my experiences when I was growing up. When he reads this, he probably won’t even call me his “Mom” any more. Oh well, its fun to go back and remember some of these ridiculous things. I’ll bet most of you have similar memories. Why is it that these memories from 70 to 80 years ago are so vivid and we can’t remember where we put the car keys, etc.

P. S. I hope you get a “chuckle” out of this. I did as I remembered it, but I can assure you it was no laughing matter at the time it happened.



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