Trimble – Hardy Marriage

The Gazette
September 3, 1902

The home of Mr. R. M. Hardy of Ruston, was the scene of a very pretty wedding on Tuesday, September the second, nineteen hundred and two. The contracting parties were Mr. James Guy Trimble of Farmerville, Louisiana, and Miss Matty Felix Hardy, of Ruston, Louisiana. Promptly at half past seven in the morning, the appointed hour, Miss Pearl Sherwood began to render Mendelsshohn’s beautiful wedding march, and the Reverend Barnette Wright, the officiating minister, took his position within an arch of graceful smilax. The maid of honor, Miss Kate Hardy, in a gown of white and carrying pink roses, followed the minister, and then came the bridal couple. The bride, robed in white silk mull over white taffeta, and wearing a veil fastened at the head with orange blossoms and falling to the floor over the train of the gown, was a picture of womanly grace and beauty. The groom dressed in conventional costume, reflected the pride and happiness he felt in his conquest of love. The happy couple stood just in front of the bridal arch, and Mr. Wright pronounced with dignity and solemnity, the sacred words of the Episcopal marriage service that made them one.

After receiving the congratulations and good wishes of the relatives and few intimate friends that were present, the newly-made husband and wife took the train for New Orleans, from which place they will sail for New York City and other points East.

The bride, Miss Mattie Hardy, is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. M. Hardy of Ruston, and is one of the most popular and most cultured of Ruston’s fair women. During the past year Miss Hardy taught music in Farmerville, and for efficiency as a musician, and her loveliness of character, she endeared herself to the people of our town.

The groom, Mr. J. G. Trimble, is the eldest son of the late Judge J. E. Trimble and Isabella Munger Trimble. For many years he has been editor and publisher of the Farmerville Gazette, and is well known as a gentleman of honor, ability, and worth. For him and his bride a host of friends join in wishing a long life of prosperity, usefulness and happiness.   A FRIEND



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