From Farmerville


The Gazette
September 10, 1902

District Court convenes in Farmerville next Monday.

All kinds of stoves. Come and examine and get full value for your money. R. HAAS, Agt.

FOR SALE – A fine yoke of oxen and two good jacks.  A. C. Gill.

Mr. J. H. Roark, of Marion, was on the streets of Farmerville last Wednesday.

Hope and Wisdom. Both are contained to Cheatham’s Laxative Chill Tablets. Try them. 25 cts. No cure-nopay.

All parties wanting to make a deal on cotton seed will find me in town, or write me at Conway.  JOHN BALLARD.

Mrs. Chapman of Ruston, spent several days of the past week with her daughter, Mrs. R. J. Rasbury.

We sell the celebrated Darling Stoves, both Cooking and Heaters and can suit you in price and size. R. HAAS, Agt.

Mr. W. D. Munholland returned Monday from a business trip to Arkansas, Ruston, Monroe and other points.

Pretty Tough to Scratch. For a living and relief also. Hunt’s Cure will cure you of Itch, Tetter, Ringworm, Itching Piles, Eczema. Guaranteed by all dealers.

FOR SALE — I will sell, on easy terms, one mule, one mare and colt, and a lot of household and kitchen furniture.  J. P. FENTON.

Misses Cora and Birdie Cook closed their respective schools last Friday and returned to their home in Farmerville.

What’s the Trouble. With your back, old man? Rheumatism? Too bad, too bad. I advise you to try Hunt’s Lightning Oil. It is said to be a wonderful remedy.

Patrons of the Farmerville High School will take notice that the entrance fee has been raised from $2.50 to $3.25, payable on entrance.  R. HAAS, Sec’y.

Mr. W. H. Pritchatt, and Master Howard Pritchartt, of Natchez, Miss., are visiting in town, the guests of the Trimble family.

Don’t Become Discouraged. But use Simmon’s Liver Purifier (tin box.) Many imitations of the original, so be careful and see that it’s “Purifier” and manufactured by the A. C. Simmons, Jr., Medicine Co.

The Farmerville High School will open next Monday. It is to the interest of all students to be promptly on hand the first day.

STOVES – Just received, a car of stoves, and we are able to sell you a stove as cheap as you can get it at any railroad town.  R. HAAS, Agent.

Hon. Fred F. Preaus, district attorney, returned home last Friday from Ruston where he went to entertain the violators of the law.

Laugh and the World Laughs with you, have chills and you chill alone. Cheatham’s Laxative Chill Tablets cures, gives an appetite and strength. Most convenient chill Tonic on earth. Can carry in the vest pocket.

Col. R. G. Pleasant, of Shreveport, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Hamilton, of Shiloh, and Mrs. Robert E. Lee, of Argents, Arkansas, are in town in consequence of the serious illness and death of Mrs. Mattie Pleasant.

500 tons of cotton seed wanted, for which I will pay the highest market price.  JOHN BALLARD, Agt. Union Oil Mill.

Messrs. H. W. Reagan and John Lockwood, of Ruston, came to Farmerville Monday int he interest of the proposed railroad. Both gentlemen appear to be hopeful of the enterprise and think work will commence on same in a short time.

STOPS THE COUGH AND WORKS OFF THE COLD.  Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets cure a cold in one day. No Cure, No Pay. Price 25 cents.

Boss Quay is at last being found out. His political career has always been questionable, yet his shrewdness has enabled him to successfully manage his party in his State. Bet Mr. Lincoln’s remark that you can not fool all of the people all the time had every ………..

E W Grove

The fact that President and his Cabinet will take the stump this fall, possibly with two exceptions — men who can’t make a speech — is commended by the Republicans and condemned by the Democrats. The former says it is “going back to the good old times,” and the latter that “it is undignified.” The “opposition” are harsh enough to say that the Cabinet have been “ordered” out and must obey or resign.

I have a car load of Buggies and Surreys, and will have some of them here Saturday. Those wanting such vehicles will do well to see my line before buying elsewhere.  J. D. BAUGHMAN. 

An anomalous condition: Prosperity all round, with wages advanced 10 per cent, meats 25 per cent, other provisions 48 per cent and coal nearly 100 per cent, and yet there is very little dissatisfaction except among those laborers who have thought it necessary to engage in strikes. This condition, however, cannot last. Wages must advance in proportion or the necessaries of life be reduced, otherwise, prosperity will be but a name, and not one to conjure with.

Everything Comes To those that wait, even now and then aches and pains, Rheumatism, Catarrh, Neuralgia, and everything that hurts. Hunt’s Lightning Oil keeps off everything except old age and death. Try it. 25 and 50 cents. Satisfaction or money refunded.

To-day, the 10th day of September, ends the six months which the citizens agreed to allow the promoters of the railroad to secure timber options. These gentlemen have lost no time and spared no expense in their endeavor to meet every promise made to the people. It is a fact, however, that the people have not shown the enthusiasm they should, were they wide awake and really  desirous to have the road. The necessary amount of timber has not been secured, yet these gentlemen are still endeavoring to get up the required amount and at a very large expense to them they are making an earnest effort to estimate the timber upon which they already have options so that if they can possibly build the road without loss to themselves they will lose no time in beginning its construction. After this estimate is made, however, should they find it impracticable to build the road for the timber they now have already secured, they, of course, will abandon the enterprise. It behooves the people, therefore, who have homes and property interests in Union Parish and who have not given options to come up at once and with the other public spirited citizens aid in building the railroad before the project is entirely abandoned by its promoters.

A Fact About the Blues

Chairman Babcock, of the Republican Congressional Committee, has had teh “deadly parallel” drawn on him by Chairman Griggs, of the Democratic Congressional Committee. The tariff question is not only a “local issue,” as General Hancock so forcibly and tersely expressed it, but it is a siren of many songs and blandishments well calculated to befog and befuddle those who dally with her.

You Know What you are Taking. When you take Grove’s Tasteless Chill Tonic because the formula is plainly printed on every bottle showing that it is simply Iron and Quinine in a tasteless form. No Cure, No Pay. 50¢.

Corn-huskers’ sprained wrists, barbed-wire cuts and sprains, or cuts from any other cause, are quickly healed when Ballard’s Snow Liniment is promptly applied. Price, 25 and 50 cents. Sold by R. HAAS, Agent.

If you are troubled with inodorous breath, heart burn, flatulency, headache, acidity, pains after eating, loss of appetite, persistent melancholy, or low spirits, You need a tonic, a few doses of Herbine will give you the recuperative force to remove these disorders. Price 50 cents. Sold by R. HAAS, Agent.

Stein says he can sell cheaper than anybody. He buys for cash, fifty cents on the dollar; and sells the same in proportion. Bring your beeswax, tallow, hides, brass, copper, chickens and eggs. He pays you cash.

TO CURE A COLD IN ONE DAY  Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All druggists refund the money if it fails to cure. E. W. Grove’s signature is on each box. 25¢

The Best Prescription for Malaria, Chills and Fever is a bottle of Grove’s Tasteless Chill Tonic. It is simply iron and quinine in a tasteless form. No cure, no pay. Price 50¢.

FOR RENT — I will lease for the year 1903 the following property. Places known as the J. P. Fenton place and Gus Perryman place two and a half and three miles from Farmerville, respectively.  J. P. FENTON or GUS PERRYMAN.

White’s Cream Vermifuge is essentially the child’s tonic. It improves the digestion and assimilation of food, strengthening the nervous system and restoring them to the health, vigor and elasticity of spirits natural to childhood. Price, 25 cents. For sale by R. HAAS, Agent.

Tablers Buckeye Pile Ointment is not a panacea, but is recommended for blind, bleeding or protruding piles, and it will cure the most obstinate cases. Price, 50 cents in bottles. Tubes 75 cents. Sold by R. HAAS, Agent.

“She shines in society, they say,” “Yes, and she blazes at home, I’m informed,” – Ex.

Some people seem to be so busy that they haven’t time to mind their own business — Ex.

I am expecting a car load of genuine Texas Red Rust Proof Seed Oats next week. Those wanting seed oats will save money by seeing me before buying elsewhere.  J. D. BAUGHMAN.


THE GAZETTE, one dollar a year in advance.


Are You Deaf.



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