Global Green or Global Greed

Written By Galen White

Below are a few headlines from various news sources.

Winter Could Be Worst in 25 Years in USA

Chill Map

Britain Braced for Heaviest Snowfall in 50 Years

Gas Supplies Runnig Out In UK

Elderly Burn Books for Warmth

Vermont Set All Time Record for One Snowstorm

Iowa Temps a Solid 30 Degrees Below Normal

Seoul Buried in Heaviest Snowfall in 70 Years

Midwest Sees Near Record Lows, Snow by the Feet

Miami Shivers From Coldest Weather in Decade

Folks, I’ve told you time after time that I ain’t the sharpest tack in the drawer. And time after time I’ve waited for someone to argue the opposite of that statement. I’m still waitin’! In fact, I’ve grown old waitin’; so if any of you want to argue this point, you’d best get in a hurry ’cause time’s awasin’! I said I was grown’ older, not younger!

That ain’t my main point here, though. The point is what do we make of the above headlines? In my humble opinion, it should be obvious. Global Warming! That’s right, Global Warming.

Now, I know that remark doesn’t help me out concerin’ the sharp tack argument; in fact, it kinda hammers in the likelihood of agreein’ with my lack of sharpness. However, you gotta look at this global warmin’ thing from the perspective of certain politicians.

Come to think about it, it may not be a perspective at all; it is, most likely, a goal. And that goal is green. Heh! I can just hear you folks who’ve known me forever and are figurin’ that those head-first falls from sweet gum trees and grape vines have finally taken its toll on what few marbles I ever had. Just what am I gettin’ at?

The goal of many politicians is green, alright; green with the pictures of past Presidents on ’em. Better known as greenbacks. What better way to gain greenbacks than to use some threat of global proportions: In this case, the threat is global warming. As you may have heard, global warming is wreakin’ all kinds of havoc around the world.

For example, the claim is that there are more hurricanes and their strength is greatly increasing. Polar caps are melting and polar bears are practically extinct. Actually, we’ve had less hurricanes lately, and their intensity has been less. The main claim: temperatures are soaring.

Yep. Just like last week! Twelve degrees one morning. Of course, that’s well above the record low of -16° recorded in February 13, 1899 at Minden. And while I well remember hitting 103° and 105° a few years back, I don’t think we’ve hit the 114° recorded on August 10, 1936 at Plain Dealing.

Sorry, folks, I just don’t buy the global warming thing. I’m not alone, either, as the headlines above indicated. If anything, I’d come closer to believin’ there are lies and threats of global proportions!


Galen WhiteGalen White has written articles for several papers in North Louisiana and is now retired.






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