Would You Believe….?

Written By Galen White

Hey, folks, I am so excited I’m ’bout to bust a stitchin’! Would you believe that last week I was selected most eligible bachelor in all of Louisiana, and now have a date with actress Jennifer Anniston?

You wouldn’t, huh? Okay, would you believe I won the Power Ball lottery for $141 million?

Still don’t believe me, huh? Well, what about believin’ I can stand inside a Number 3 washtub, reach down and grab the handles, and pick myself up in it? Yeah, that’s what I fig’erd.

I was hopin’ you’d believe my first line, but ya’ll are some sharp hombres. Okay, how about this: would you believe the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl last week?

WHAT???  You do? Man! I can’t believe you folks. You won’t believe me, but you’ll believe the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl! Incredible! Hey, I’m talkin’ the NEW ORLEANS, LOUISIANA Saints. Remember them? Also known as the Ain’ts? Sacks over the head and everything? The team that couldn’t win even if their opponents had their hands tied behind their backs? Wow!

I just don’t get it. Here I am an honest, dependable man who has never lied…, well, almost never. Anyway, a man who has tried to be an outstandin’ citizen yet you would believe the Saints actually won the Super Bowl. A far fetched thing like that is believable but you don’t believe something good about me. That says a whole lot for me, don’t it.

You know, I’m half a mind to  ……, ‘scuse me? The New Orleans Saints really did win the Super Bowl? Yeah. Sure. Then why don’t you catch a ride on one of those pigs flyin’ overhead and fly off to Hawaii! Ha! You’d better watch where you goin’ and don’t step in any nincompoop!

Okay, it’s true that the New Orleans Saints actually won the Super Bowl. Who’d a thunk it? Now, to be honest with you, I watched the game and was well aware that our home team really is the Champions of the NFL. On the other hand, I woke up the next morning thinkin’ it was all a dream. In fact, I’ve got black and blue marks on my arms where I kept pinchin’ myself tryin’ to determine if it was a dream or not.

In all honesty….., and I’m serious, here….., I have been a Saints fan since day one. However and at the end of numerous dismal and losing seasons, I’ve been know to swear that I would never watch them play another game. Of course, the very next game would find me sittin’ there eatin’ chips and dip, along with my words. Yes, sir, I’d be rootin’ for the black and gold just like always.

I’ve been sayin’ for years that if the Saints were to win a Super Bowl, then Dallas, Pittsburg,, or any other NFL team, would pale in comparison to the number of fans they would have. The past few days has proven my statement. Now, I’m not sayin’ other fans are nay less a  fan, I’m just sayin’ the fans of New Orleans are a little louder, a little more in numbers, and a little more rabid. That’s a good thing, mind you, for Louisiana hasn’t had a whole lot in the past to be rabidly happy about.

The “Who Dat” nation, as it is now called, is made up of folks from north to south, east to west, and even from beyond the oceans. I can’t emphasize enough how proud I am of the Saints. It’s been a long time comin’, and I hope it’s a long time ‘fore it ends.

Now, I’ve also said that if they won the Super Bowl, the fans in South Louisiana were liable to stomp the area south of Alexandria off into the Gulf of Mexico. Would you believe me if I said I had for sale some ocean front property right here in Claiborne Parish?



Galen WhiteGalen White has written articles for several papers in North Louisiana and is now retired.






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