Willie Goyne Obituary

The Gazette
October 22, 1902

Our beloved friend, Willie Goyne, who was twenty three years of age, died on Wednesday night, October 8, 1902.

He leaves a noble mother and father and many friends who are very sad to know that he is dead. He was an obedient, loving and thoughtful son. He never neglected his mother. She always came first, and he was always trying to do something to lighten the burdens of her life. He respected and loved his stepfather as though he had been his own father. He was the pride of their hearts and the sunshine of their home.

He was a member of the Baptist church and always stood true to Christianity. Willie walked the right path of life and leaves behind the footprints of honesty, nobility, intelligence, unselfishness and self-sacrificing beautiful soul. When people cam to him for help and advice he was always glad to do something to better them. He turned no one away and was the instrument though which many souls were led to Christ. “We reap what we sow”, and to day he is reaping the harvest of goodness, purity and nobleness. “As a man thinketh so is he,” and his thoughts were those that expressed love, peace and good will to all created things. The body always expresses the condition of the mind and so with him his lovely soul was always shining in his face brightening all who came near him. The vibrations that went from him to others were those that soothed and put the soul at rest and ease with all mankind.

He was taken away in his youthful days and it is hard to give him up for we need such people in the world. He had finished his education only a short while ago and was a promising young man for his country and the whole universe. When death came upon him he said: “Dear mother do no weep for I feel strangely happy”

My earnest appeal to all people is to put themselves upon the higher plane of thought as this beloved man did who has just departed from this world. His body is dead but his beautiful soul lives on, speaking great truths to all mankind. He is whispering peace be still. Follow me to that Palace Beautiful, the Home for the Infinite, the Divine Self.

A Friend.

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