Baughman – Laupheimer

The Gazette
October 29, 1902

In Farmerville this morning at  9 o’clock Mr. Oscar Baughman and Miss Donie Laupheimer were untied in the holy bonds of matrimony. The wedding was a quiet affair, only relatives and a few special friends being present

At the appointed hour, stepping to the gentle strains of Mendelssohn’s wedding march, the groom accompanied by the bride’s mother Mrs. Ellen Levi, followed by the bride, leaning on the arm of her grandfather, Col. D. Stein, marched before Hymen’s altar, where Judge R. B. Dawkins, in a brief and pretty ceremony, pronounced them husband and wife.

The bride is the only daughter of Mrs. Ellen Levi, and is a young lady of many excellent qualities of heart and mind. The groom is book-keeper in the mercantile establishment of Mr. J. D. Baughman, his brother. He is a careful young business man, besides being social, warm-hearted and generous. They both looked extremely happy as they plighted their troth to each other, promising to love and cherish through life.

The bride and groom were each attired in neat and stylish traveling suits, and after receiving congratulations and best wishes of the guests assembled, Mr. and Mrs. Baughman left for a bridal trip to New Orleans and other places.

May unbounded happiness and prosperity be their portion.



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