The Gazette
June 5, 2018

Until perhaps 10 years ago, something that was viral, according to Webster’s Dictionary, was “relating to or caused by a virus.”

Today, it means something that is “quickly and widely spread or popularized by means of social media.”

An arrest that happened over the weekend is going viral, putting Marion on the map of social media.

Donald L. Traylor was arrested over the weekend after he pulled a knife on a woman who he claims punched him between the eyes because he wouldn’t share with her a can of Vienna sausage he was enjoying.

Union Parish Sheriff Dusty Gates said deputies investigated a call received on June 2 relating to the encounter between Traylor and his neighbor. Traylor told deputies the woman wanted a Vienna sausage and when he refused to give him, she punched him between the eyes. A news release issued by the Union Parish Sheriff’s Office states Traylor said he was hit so hard “that it nearly knocked him out of his electric wheelchair.”

Traylor told deputies that he pulled out an open knife to defend himself but that he did not stab the victim. He allegedly told deputies that when he pulled the knife that she lunged at him, causing a deep cut on the right side of her nose. A witness said the woman did hit Traylor and nearly knock him out of his wheelchair.

Deputies noted they did not see any marks on Traylor indicating he had been hit. When deputies asked the witness how that could happen, the witness allegedly said, “You know how we roll. We old school.”

Traylor was booked into the Union Parish Detention Center on a charge of aggravated second-degree battery and his bond was set at $25,000.

The story was released to local media Monday. It was sent by Johnny Gunter, who does contract work in public relations for Gates’ office and 3rd District Attorney John Belton. Monroe television stations KNOE and KTVE each reported the story during their 6 p.m. broadcasts on Monday as well as posted links on their Facebook pages, which prompted close to 1,000 shares within 12 hours, drawing some comedic responses from readers.

“His bond is $25,000. That’s a high price for a Vienna sausage,” wrote Rita Raybourn Lofton.

“Glad he didn’t have Spam, wrote Linda Daniel Steele. “Somebody would be dead.”

“Share your Viennas, people, just do,” commented Kerry Heafner.


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