Dots From Dubach

Dubach 1910

The Gazette
December 24, 1902

Thinking that a few dots from this place would be of interest to some of your readers, I will try to give you a few items.

We have a nice, quiet little village, composed of good business men; and a fine school conducted by Prof. Still and his able assistant, Miss Eula Henry. We have no church building yet, but have services three times each month by Rev. Mr. Clark, of the Methodist church, Rev. L. N. Holmes, of the Missionary Baptist church, and Rev. Mr. Farrow, of the Primitive Baptist church. So you see we have no lack of preaching.

There is also a mill at this place which is doing a fine business. It is operated by the Dubach Lumber Co., of St. Louis. The managers of this mill are as nice a lot of gentlemen as can be found at any mill. They are courteous and kind to all they meet.

We had one of the most heartrending accidents here on the 1st of December that it has ever been my lot to witness. Peter Wald, son of the planer foreman, while passing between the boxes of the local freight, fell and his head was completely severed from his body.

Little Maude Wise tell from the loft of a barn, last Tuesday, dislocating her wrist and fracturing her arm.

There is some sickness in our town, but nothing serious.

A Mrs. World died on the 19th just. Her remains were interred in the Unionville cemetery.



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