Court Items

The Gazette
December 24, 1902

District court was in session last Friday and Saturday, when an adjournment was taken until the January session. The following business was transacted since last week’s report:

In suit of W. A. McFarland vs. J. B. Covington, judgment was rendered in favor of plaintiff for amount claimed.

Judgment for plaintiff for $99.00 was rendered in case of S. B. Farrar vs. C. N. Key.

In suits of J. G. Trimble and Emile Selig vs. C. H. Murphy, sheriff, et al. judgment for plaintiffs recognizing privilege of proceeds of property in question.

In suit of Cobb vs. Cobb, judgment of absolute divorce for plaintiff.

In the mandamus suit of State of Louisiana ex rel. C. D. Covington vs. Police Jury of Union Parish, judgment was rendered in favor of the relator. This is a suit wherein C. D. Covington bid off the Fork ferry for $165.00, but refusing to make his bond on demand, the police jury leased the ferry to J. L. Brooks, by private contract for $100. Then Covington tendered a bond in accordance with his bid. Being refused the ferry, he brought suit to enforce his bid, and Judge Dawkins sustained the contention.




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