Fire in Farmerville

The Gazette
February 25, 1903

This morning about 1:40 o’clock the J. Arent building, corner of Main and Bayou streets in Farmerville, was destroyed by fire. It was occupied by F. E. mayo, family grocer, T. M. McBroom, family grocer, and J. Arent had his insurance office in the building.  Arent estimates his loss on building, fixtures and papers at $2500, with $600 insurance; McBroom places his loss on stock and fixtures at $700, with $300 insurance, Mayo is absent in Monroe but from best information obtainable his loss is about $750 with $350 insurance.

It was only by the hardest work that Guehring’s family grocery store and Stancil & Bro’s mercantile establishment were saved. The brick store occupied by Haas and Hartman afforded considerable protection to Stancil’s. The heat in the brick store was so intense as to crack a thermometer on the inside and burn papers pasted inside the closed iron doors. The negroes deserve much credit for the willing and energetic manner in which they assisted in fighting the fire.

Origin of the blaze in not known. We are told that the occupants of the building had closed up about 9:30 o’clock.

Mr. J. Arent desires us to state that his insurance business will go right ahead.



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