Real Estate Transfers

The Gazette
February 25, 1903

Act of partition in estate W. C. Hall, dec’d.

Geo W. Brown to H. W. Ragan and John Lockwood, 160 acres of land, $1.

John A. McShane et al. to John Lockwood and H. W. Ragan, sale of railroad franchises and timber contracts, $32.500.

Robert Roberts et al to J. H. Allen & Co., 80 acres of land, $200.

J. H. Osborne to W. T. Hay, 40 acres of land, $100.

C. H. Murphy to J. H. Allen & Co., timber on 200 acres of land, $450.

North Louisiana Land & Improvement Co. to S. L. Haile, 80 acres of land, $120.

J. J. Nolan to N. R. Nolan, 80 acres of land, $100.

W. L. Williams to M. A. Talbot, 80 acres of land, $900.

J. M. Melton to Miss Bettie Thompson, block in Bernice, $1200.

M. A. Talbot to J. M. Melton, 82 acres of land, $1000.

J. G. Taylor et al. to J. P. Williamson, redemption deed to 130 acres of land, $8.09

W. Beaty to J. M. Brown, lots in Junction, $300.

L. M. Dendy, tutor, to Jas. E. Davis, 580 acres of land, $1962.50.

G. M. Anderson to W. A. & T. E. Covington, lots in Bernice, $100.

B. F. Grafton to T. P. Kelly, 95 acres of land, $400.

F. W. Mabry to Jesse Heard, ________acres of land, $125.

Arkansas Southern Railroad to Mrs. Callie McLaurin, 4 lots in Bernice, $40.

W. J. Feazel et al. to T. H. Hamilton, 360 acres of land, $720.

M. Rodell Tugwell to Thos. G. Harris, 120 acres of land, $517.50.



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