Powell – Roark

The Gazette
March 18, 1903

Mr. Ellis T. Powell and Miss Lula May Roark will stand before Hymen’s altar Tuesday evening at 7:30 o’clock at Marion, La., March 17, to take the vows of holy wedlock, Rev. J. H. Hughes officiating. Miss Lula is the daughter of J. H. Roark, long one of Marion’s leading merchants and capitalists. She was educated at the College of Keachie, La., and the East Mississippi Female College at Meridian, Miss.  Miss Lula’s literary education is acknowledged by all of her friends, and her gifts and accomplishments as a musician, render her exquisite in the art of entertaining, she is beautiful and amiable, a resourceful conversationalist, and adroit in the use of relined repartee and on account of her graces has a large circle of friends.

Mr. Powell is a young gentleman belonging to one of the first families of Union Parish, is full of energy, has splendid business tact and judgment, is an excellent character and will conquer in the business world.

The best wishes of the writer and a host of friends are extended to this young couple in their union. May happiness and prosperity attend them.




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