Farmerville’s Railroad

The Gazette
March 25, 1903

It is now a pretty well settled fact that Farmerville’s long-hoped-for railroad will be built within a reasonable time. In fact, we understand that it is the purpose of the Iron Mountain people, who are to construct the road, to complete it between Farmerville and a connection with the new road now being built from Bastrop to El Dorado not later than December 31st, in order to avail themselves of the tax exemption which applies to all railroads completed in Louisiana during the year 1903.

Last Thursday a surveying party, in charge of Civil Engineer Ashby, pitched their tents on the suburbs of Farmerville, and have been since engaged in surveying for an entrance into and out of the town.

The Iron Mountain people have had a large number of hand at work on their lines in the low lands, and as the high water is seriously interfering with further progress there, we are told that it is their purpose to transfer their construction forces as far as expedient to the Farmerville route as soon as the line is located, and push the work as rapidly as possible.

If this is done, there will be in 30 to 60 days a large force of hands at work on our line. In this connection we might state that these men will consume a great quantity of provisions and truck produce. They will have the cash to pay for them. The wide-awake farmer and truck grower should therefore lose no time in getting himself in position to supply the demand in those lines, which they will find infinitely more profitable than raising an all cotton crop. Now is a fine time for a thrifty farmer, gardener, poultry raiser and fruit grower to speedily replenish his finances by supplying the railroad construction forces with such necessary products.




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