Court Items

The Gazette
April 29, 1903

Peter Jones pleaded guilty to charge of larceny and was sentenced to 60 days in jail.

Sentence was suspended against L L. Lowery, who was convicted of selling liquor without license, during good behavior.

Mose Hendricks was convicted of assault and battery, and was sentenced to 30 days in jail.

Cornelius Daniel was acquitted of charge of petty larceny.

Nolle prosequi was entered in case against Sav. Carter, charged with cutting timber, etc.

John Hayes was convicted of assault with a dangerous weapon and was fined $10 and costs.

Will Jackson was convicted in two cases on charge of retailingliquor without license, and was fined $500 and costs in one case and $100 and costs in the other.

Monroe Antley was convicted under charge of failure to work the road.

Emmet Rutherford and Cal Redden were convicted under charge of disturbing the peace.

Eli Rivers, Henry Farris, John W. Brown, L. L. Cranford and Dr. Geo. Carroll were acquitted of retailing without license.

James M. Brown was convicted under charge of receiving seed cotton during the night, and was fined $5 and costs.

Dr. D. B. Garland and Dr. J. L. Dendy were each acquitted in one case under charge of unlawfullly prescribing liquor.

Nolle prosequi was entered in case against Willie Powell, charged with failure to work the road.

Cal Barnes and Jesse Wooley pleaded guilty to charge of disturbing peace, and were fined $7.50 each and costs. Will fuller was convicted under same charge, and similar sentence imposed.

Will Burch was sentenced to the penitentiary for one year for bigamy.

Elliott Scarborough et al. were acquitted of charge of disturbing peace.

In suit of N. B. Pace vs. Mrs. Catherine Pace, judgment of separation from bed and board.

Willie Burch vs. Martha Ford. Judgment decreeing marriage a nullity.

P. W. Bearden vs. T. H. Hamilton. Verdicet of jury rejecting plaintiff’s demand.

Village of Bernice vs. D. B. Garland. Judgment of mayor’s court affirmed.

The two suits of village of Bernice vs. W. Rives and C. L. Lewis were dismissed on motion of the district attorney.

M. Hirsch vs. A McLemore. Judgment for plaintiff for $411.

Nancy Carodine vs. Deedy Carodine. Judgment of divorce for plaintiff.

J. D. King vs. R. A. McCloud. Judgment for plaintiff for about $20.

W. R. Roberts vs. B. N. St. John. Judgment of lower court affirmed.

Court will probably adjourn to-day.




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