Real Estate Transfers

The Gazette
April 29, 1903

T. J. Cole to D. L. Craighead, 60 acres of land, $150.

Paul R. Roberts to Rufus Pylant, lots in Bernice, $150.

A. E. Joiner to B. M. Craighead, 20 acres of land, $93.

Partition of property of Mrs. E. E. Wells, deceased.

T. C. Starret to C. C. Billinghurst, deed of trust to 619 acres of land.

N. M. Martin to J. A. Nelson, 160 acres of land, $250.

H. N. Jones to J. R. Bryan, 160 acres of land, $325.

T. J. Freeman to H. N. Jones, 40 acres of land, $85.

W. V. Thompson to J. M. Brown, lot in Junction City, $35.

J. M. Brown to T. J. Steele, lots in Junction City, $1500.

James P. Jones to Jesse W. King, reconveyance of 80 acres of land for return of notes.

J. R. Dean to E. E. Dean, undivided interest in land, $75.

J. L. Cole and J. M.Gore, exchange of lands.

T. J. Cole to Frank Deal, 40 acres of land, $100.



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