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cropped-farmerville-main-street.jpgThe Gazette
May 13, 1903

Gin Outfits for Sale Cheap.

I offer two first-class steam gin outfits for sale cheap for cash or approved paper.

One plant has 15 H. P. Engine and Boiler, and 60-saw Pratt gin stand, feeder, condenser, press, grist mill, platform scales, belting, etc. The other is a 15 H. P. Boiler and 10 H. P. Engine with 50 saw Pratt gin stand, feeder, condenser, press, grist mill, platform scales, belting, etc. Both plants complete and in good running order.

Will sell an entire outfit for about what a new boiler alone will cost you. You cannot afford to miss this opportunity if you are in the market for a ginnery.

M. J. Pearson,
Farmerville, La.


Go to J. D. Baughman’s for your sorghum seed.

District court in Farmerville next week.

Mrs. S. E. Chapman has moved from Ruston to Farmerville.

The infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Sam Smith, of Linville vicinity, died last Wednesday.

FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE. A few graded Durham male yearlings. J. D. BAUGHMAN.

Mayhaws this year are as fine as we ever saw, and they are very plentiful.

A few good log and plow mules and saddle horses yet for sale. J. D. BAUGHMAN.

Presiding Elder Bennett was in Farmerville Saturday and Sunday to hold quarterly conference.

STOPS THE COUGH AND WORKS OFF THE COLD. Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets cure a cold in one day. No cure, no pay. Price 25 cents.

Capt. H. W. McLeod, of Ruston, spent a few days in Union Parish, looking into the V. S. & P. railroad lands.

TO CURE A COLD IN ONE DAY. Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All druggists refund the money if it fails to cure. E. W. Grove’s signature on each box. 25¢.

Tax sale next Saturday. If you haven’t settled your taxes for 1902 do so before the sale and protect the title to your property.

New Royal drop head sewing machine, latest improvements, for sale cheap for cash or approved paper at THE GAZETTE office.

Judge R. B. Dawkins and District Attorney F. F. Preaus are in Ruston this week, attending to their respective court duties.

No equal on earth has Hunt’s Lightning Oil for Rheumatism and Neuralgia, as well as Sprains, Cuts, Burns, Bruises, and Insect Bites and Stings. Guaranteed. Price 25 and 50 cents.

Mrs. Mose Hartman and two children arrived in Farmerville Monday from Germany to join Mr. Hartman who has been located here for some months.

Mrs. Copeland died at Ruston Sunday, and was buried Monday in the Shioh cemetery. Her home was in Sabine parish, but she was visiting in Ruston when the death summons came. (See note at end of post. DSU)

High Ewing, an aged and respected colored Baptist preacher, died Thursday at his home near Farmerville, and was buried Friday. The large crowd of darkies that attended his funeral showed the high regard they had for him.

We are indebted to Miss Della Sellers for an invitation to attend the 18th annual commencement of the Louisiana State Normal School, Natchitoches, May 14th and 15th. Miss Sellers is one of the graduates of the present session.

To My Friends of Union Parish.  After May the first I will be found at the Planters Hotel where I will take pleasure in serving you lunches at all hours and comfortable beds when in Monroe.  Yours truly, W. J. Atkinson,  Leon L. Marx, Proprietor.

E W Grove

Miss Maude Carroll, who has been in Ruston several months taking music under Mrs. Pierce, returned home Saturday and will make her home in Bernice for awhile. ** Miss Annie Talbot returned to her home from Ruston Saturday. She has been assistant teacher in the Ruston high school. — Bernice Record.

The Best Prescription for Malaria, Chills and Fever is a bottle of Grove’s Tasteless Chill Tonic. It is simply iron and quinine in a tasteless form. No cure, no pay. Price 50¢.

Mr. S. J. Harris, of Ruston, has leased his hotel building, furniture, etc., to Mr. R. B. Molsby, of Atlanta, Ga., for a period of five years at a rental of $125 a month. The Ruston Leader says Mr. Harris contemplates removing to Denton, Tex., there to enter into the hotel business.

A large crowd attended the picnic Saturday at Mosely’s Bluff, and all report a fine time. The people of Farmerville and vicinity are especially indebted to Capt. M. W. Wilson for his generosity in tendering them a free excursion on his boat to and from the picnic grounds.

We take pleasure in directing attention to the display advertisement of the Northeast Summer Normal School and Chautauqua, to be held in Monroe June 8th to July 3rd. The Union Parish school board has appropriated the sum of $50 to the institution, and this donation will entitle all the teachers of Union Parish to take the course free. Teachers can get much valuable information from up-to-date instructors at the summer school, which will be of untold benefit to them in their school work. Besides, they can have a pleasant time mingling with the teachers of the State and attending the platform attractions. We trust Union Parish teachers will be well represented at this summer school.

Young Lady Fatally Burned. Monday evening of last week Miss Josie Farrar, eldest daughter of Mr. Farrar, of Bernice neighborhood, was so severely burned that she died next morning. Miss Farrar was assisting her father in burning brush in the field, when her clothing caught fire. Her father heard her scream and rushed to her rescue, but failed to extinguish the flames before the young lady was fatally burned. In trying to save his daughter Mr. Farrar’s hands were badly burned.

Parents, do not neglect your children’s coughs, sore throats colds, etc.; they often lead to fatal results. Try Simmon’s Cough Syrup. Pleasant, safe and sure. Guaranteed. Price 25 and 50 cents. Sold by J. D. Baughman and B. T. Hopkins. 


Saturday a protracted meeting was begun at the Methodist church in Farmerville, which will probably close on tomorrow night. Pastor Wright is being ably assisted by Rev. Mr. Rickey, of Arcadia.

In this week’s paper appears an ordinance ordering a special election to get the sense of the voters and tax payers of Farmerville, regarding the levying of a five mill tax for ten years in aid of the Farmerville & Southern railroad. The election is to be held on June 15.

We understand that the surveying corps of the Farmerville & Southern railway have located the line of road to Marion. Work at this end is still moving slowly, but more hands are expected soon.

Mr. Crandall, of Muskegon, Mich., was in town yesterday, looking after land interests of his clients.

Mr. John Lockwood came over from Ruston Monday to look after railroad and timber affairs.

Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Baughman will leave tomorrow to attend the reunion at New Orleans.

THE GAZETTE, one dollar a year in advance.

Baughman Store


******Mrs. Copeland died at Ruston Sunday, and was buried Monday in the Shioh cemetery. Her home was in Sabine parish, but she was visiting in Ruston when the death summons came.********** 

Mrs. Copeland is Sarah Ann Elizabeth Eady Coplen. She was born on 31 Jan 1829, most likely in Georgia. She died according to this article on 10 May 1903 in Ruston. Until I found the article it was believed that she died on 11 May 1903 simply because that is the date on her cemetery marker which was placed years after.

It is thought that she was the daughter of Alexander Eady and Rebecca Boocher Walton. I have not seen any proof of her parents.

She was married to James Russell Coplen/Copeland. The name is spelled differently within the families of all the Coplen/Copelands. It is thought that James Russell is the older brother of George E. Copeland of Homer.

James and Sarah had the following children:

  • Demetrius Colvin Coplen – my 2nd great grandfather
  • Elmina Rebecca Coplen
  • Sylvestus Neel Coplen
  • Mary Ann “Molly” Coplen
  • Alphonzo Scott Coplen
  • Thomas Henry Dawson Coplen
  • Hattie Estelle Coplen
  • Female Coplen
  • William A. Coplen
  • Coplen

If you have any information on James Russell Coplen, Sarah Ann Elizabeth Eady, George E. Copeland or any of their children, please contact me.

If you are a male descendant in a straight line of males to James Russell Coplen, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE  take a DNA test and contact me.

Information can be shared in the comments below or sent to

There is also a Facebook group dedicated to the search:

The Search for James Russell Coplen and George E Copeland

Sometimes the smallest amount of information can change the entire story. If you have any information please share it.

Thank You in advance.



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