Lillie Dots

May 20, 1903

We hear some talk of a Baptist church being built at Lillie.

Crops are looking more favorable now that at any time this season. Farmers have taken more interest this year with fertilizers than ever before.

The longest passenger train we have ever seen pulled by here over the Arkansas Southern railroad went south on Sunday. It contained visitors to the reunion at New Orleans.

Mr. J. W. Nicklas and family, former residents of this town, came up Friday from Wyatt, La., with his infant child a corpse. It was laid to rest in the family grave yard  at Bethel church.

Mr. J. V. Henry, of Webb City, Mo., is here buying up scrap iron. He will take any kind of iron. Farmers are finding a ready market for old worn out plows and stoves.

The following passengers took the south bound passenger train here on the 17th inst. en route for the reunion at New Orleans:

Miss Audrey Davis, Mrs. A. J. Callaway, Willie W. Green, Dr. P. A. Tatum, of Cherry Ridge; Miss Grace Terrell, of Hillsboro, Ark.; Mrs. Jennie Gipson, of Oakland; Miss Rosie Cherry, W. S. Pickens, W. S. Spears, Willie Rockett, H. H. Rockett, E. Buckley, F. M. Risinger, of Spearsville; Walton W. Murphy and wife, of Lillie.


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