In Memoriam

The Gazette
May 20, 1903

When death invades the family circle and claims for its victim the dear, devoted wife and fond, indulgent mother, and leaves husband and children almost heart-broken, it is indeed a sad sight to the beholder. But it is the Lord’s doings, and it is marvelous in our eyes.

Lizzie, wife of John M. Cooper, was born January 20, 1866, and died April 22, 1903. She was married to John M. Cooper April 20, 1893. The deceased was a most devoted and consecrated Christian, being a member of the Christian church. She has gone to her last rest; and now the home circle is broken, a loved voice is stilled. The home of her companion is left so lonely, so lonely. Her loving words and smiling face no longer greet his coming home or cheer his fireside. Seven little ones ask for mamma with no response. Dear bereaved ones, look to Him who said,”Lo, I am with you always.” he is our comforter and the only one who can heal this wound. Would we have her back in the pain and suffering here? Like the pure lily blighted by the storm, her life was blighted by death; but, like the short life of the flower that spoke purity and scattered its perfume over the surrounding air, her life was not in vain, but left behind the lingering sweetness of patience, self-sacrifice, love and pure Christian faith. What more priceless inheritance could she leave to her little ones? And what sweeter memory and shining example to her dear ones and friends? Like a bright halo her life lingers around the dear husband, soothing and uplifting him; and like a sweet-faced picture it lives in the memory of her loved little ones; and ever will it be a sweet thought for the writer, who loved her dearly. But the same hand that has taken her home is able to keep us and bring us to that sweet place of rest where she has gone.

Dear cousin, thou art gone to rest,
To be with Christ forever blest;
Hast laid the pilgrim’s armor by
And gone where pleasures never die

One who loved her,
L. C.





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