Real Estate Transfers

The Gazette
May 20, 1903

B. F. Post to G. T. Kelly, 300 acres of land, $600.

Victor S. Gully to C. H. Gully, 80 acres of land, $100.

United States to L. E. Thomas, 120 acres of land, $115.

J. Stirling to J. H. Evans, 17 acres of land, $160.

Mary A. Hammock to W. A. Fuller, 80 acres of land, $650.

L. L. Lewis to F. O. Fuller, 42 acres of land, $175.

F. O. Fuller to J. H. Wallace, 74 acres of land, $560.

W. Vines to W. J. Shinpock, 78 acres of land, $200.

Mrs. M. A. Walker to J. A. Dollar, 149 acres of land, $400.




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