From Farmerville

cropped-farmerville-main-street.jpgThe Gazette
August 5, 1903

Fountain pens for sale by J. G. Trimble,

Farmerville vicinity was visited by a fine rain yesterday.

Those purposing to teach school will read the notice relative to teachers examinations in this issue.

FOR SALE CHEAP — A lady’s side saddle and a lady’s bicycle. Apply at this office.

After a few days visit with relatives in Farmerville, Mrs. Gladden left Monday for her home in Monroe.

I have a few good open buggies on hand. For sale cheap or trade. J. D. BAUGHMAN.

Monroe and vicinity was visited Friday afternoon by a severe storm, accompanied by a heavy downpour of rain and hail.

I have for sale the Weber wagon — best wagon on the market. J. D. BAUGHMAN.

Hon. L. E. Thomas and wife, of Shreveport, were in Farmerville the first of this week, en route to Marion to visit their parents.

Call on J. B. Adcock at Marion and have your photographs taken. He will give you fine finished pictures at reasonable charges.

Mr. Frank Deal and Miss Jessie Thomas were married last week at their home in the ninth ward, J. B. Cole, justice of the peace, officiating.

STOPS THE COUGH AND WORKS OFF THE COLD. Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets cure a cold in one day. No cure, no pay. Price 25 cents.

Messrs. F. G. Hudson, of Monroe, and H. W. Ragan, of Ruston, came to Farmerville Monday afternoon. They were accompanied by a Mr. Cummings, a timber buyer.

We Tell No Secrets. It is an open secret that Hunt’s Lightning Oil cures every thing except broken hearts and softening of the brain. 25 and 50 cts. Sold by J. D. Baughman and B. T. Hopkins. 

A big barbecue will be given Thursday at Marion, to which the public generally are cordially invited. We learn that Judge R. B. Dawkins and R. Roberts, Esq., have benn invited to deliver addresses for the occasion.

Mistakes are Costly.  You can make no mistake by using Hunt’s Cure for Itch, Tetter, Ringworm and Itching Piles. No cure — no pay. Sold by J. D. Baughman and B. T. Hopkins.

During a storm last week a tree was blown on a team belonging to Mr. Fike, of Cecil vicinity.  A horse was killed outright and a mule had it nose broken. The animal will probably die. The driver was knocked out of the wagon, but not seriously hurt.

Open Your Mouth. And swallow one. Cheatham’s Laxative Chill Tablets combines all the qualities of the best liquid chill Tonics. Done always ready. Dose always the same. No cure – no pay. Sold by J. D. Baughman and B. T. Hopkins.

We are told that several scrapers and other implements were delivered the first of this week in the extreme northeastern part of the parish to be used in the grading there of the Farmerville & Southern railroad. Construction work will now be pushed at both ends of the line in Union Parish.

A Perilous Leap. From Pike’s Peak, 14,134 feet, will not cure softening of the grain, but a 25 cent box of Cheatham’s Laxative Chill Tablets will cure chills. No cure – not pay.  Sold by J. D. Baughman and B. T. Hopkins.

About $40 was taken in last Wednesday at the ice cream festival. This money will be devoted to the improvement of our school building. The ladies who so successfully conducted the affair are deserving of the thanks of this community for their unceasing labors in behalf of education.

Special excursion to St. Louis, and Chicago, Ill.,: Monroe to St. Louis and return $12; Monroe to Chicago and return $15. Tickets on sale August 15th, good return until Aug 31st. For any information phone 35, or call at ticket window. H. D . Apgar, Agent.

E W. Grove

Watch for a Chill. However slight at this time of year and in this climate, it is the forerunner of malaria. A disposition to yawn, and an all tired out feeling even comes before the chill. Herbine, by its prompt stimulative action on the liver, drives the malaria germs out of the system, purifies the blood, tones up the system and restores health. 50c at R. Haas.

E. B. Cook, son of Marshal J. R. Cook, of Bernice, had the misfortune to get his right hand almost severed from the arm above the wrist, last Wednesday, while working at the Bernice Lumber Co. Physicians dressed the wound and think they will be able to save the hand.

The Best Prescription for Malaria, Chills and Fever is a bottle of Grove’s Tasteless Chill Tonic. It is simply iron and quinine in a tasteless form. No cure, no pay. Price 50¢.

The crop outlook in Union Parish is more promising than it has been for several years. Early corn is practically made and a fine yield is guaranteed. On some of the creek lands, 35 to 40 bushels per acre will be gathered. Cotton is about a month backward, but though small is fruiting well, and with favorable seasons and a late fall a satisfactory harvest can be gathered. The potato and pea crops bid fair to meet the expectations of the farmer. Altogether the crop situation is such as to cause the farmer to wear a pleasant smile on his face.

How to Succeed in Business. Keep your liver in good condition by using Simmons Liver Purifier (tin box). It corrects constipation, cures Indigestion, Billiousness, stops Headache, get your heart in the right place so you can smile at your neighbor. Sold by J. D. Baughman and B. T. Hopkins.

Cured Paralysis. W. S. Baily, P. O. True, Texas, writes: “My wife had been suffering five years with paralysis in her arm, when I was persuaded to use Ballard’s Snow Liniment, which cured her all right. I have also used it for old sores, frost bites, and skin eruptions. It does the work.” 25c, 50c and $1.00 bottle at R. Haas.


The school funds of Union Parish in the hands of Treasurer Pleasant were apportioned among the various wards by the committee Monday, as follows:

Ward 1 —  869 Children ……………………….$373.67

Ward 2 — 1159 Children……………………….$497.08

Ward 3 — 1082 Children……………………….$465.26

Ward 4 —   928 Children……………………….$399.64

Ward 5 — 1037 Children……………………….$445.91

Ward 6 —   633 Children……………………….$272.19

Total …………………………………………………….$2453.15


Stein has returned and says for the ladies to call and inspect his latest styles of dress goods at half price and other goods in proportion. No humbug. Beat men’s shirts, your choice at fifty cents. The sourest and best vinegar you ever tasted.  D. STEIN.


Negro Shot at Randolph

Last Saturday morning a negro, whose name we could not learn, was fatally wounded at Randolph, while resisting arrest; and we are told that he died shortly after the shooting. The facts, as we gather them, are substantially as follows:

The negro was charged with shooting at an officer in Arkansas, and had fled to Louisiana. Deputy Sheriff J. M. Murphy and Mr. Geo Ramsey were attempting to arrest him, when the negro made an effort to use a shotgun which he had with him. Mr. Murphy leveled his pistol on the negro and ordered him to drop the gun. The darky failed to obey, and Mr. Murphy fired twice, the first shot breaking the negro’s shoulder and the second hitting him above the heart. Mr. Ramsey also shot once, his ball striking the negro in the abdomen.


Committees Parish Fair Association

The directors of the Union Parish Fair Association met in Farmerville August 1st, when the following committees were appointed.

Committee to confer with police jury — C. H. Jameson, M. J. Pearson, Edw. Everett, J. M. Underwood, Jr.

Committee on subscription — M. J. Pearson, Edmund Haas, J. M. Underwood, Jr., M. M.Compton, J. B. Covington

Committee on arrangements — W. P. Chandler, J. B. Covington, J. M. Underwood, Jr., J. P. Odom, J. D. Baughman.

Committee on program — Edmund Haas, Edw. Everett, J. M. Underwood, Jr., J. P. Odom.

Adjourned to meet first Monday in September.

C. H. Jameson, Pres.

J. R. Odom, Sec’y.


The Monroe Sash and Door Factory — What it Does for Its Customers.

It gives them the cheapest and best yellow pine and cypress doors and sash and all other mill work. It gives them a good fit and promptly corrects any errors that may be made.

It delivers goods ordered promptly without any expense for dray age or freight in Monroe and its suburbs.

It readily modifies and alters bills, adds to or takes from to suit purchasers.

It gives reasonable time for payment.

It saves vexation, annoyance, worry and loss.

It studies the interest of its customers and tries to please them.

It spends all its money with home people and helps to support the tin bucket brigade.

Send in your orders and “you’ll be satisfied with life.”



The Confederate Reunion.

Under the auspices of Camp No. 379, U. C. V., the annual reunion of said camp will be held at Bernice on Thursday, the 27th day of August,  1903. Eminent speakers, humorists and public entertainers will be on hand to speak, enthuse and entertain. A big time is in anticipation. All Confederate veterans, their wives, widows, sons and daughters are cordially invited to attend this reunion. Dinner will be served on the grounds. Don’t forget to bring your basket well filled. The Farmerville Brass Band is especially invited to attend.

W. R. Roberts, S. D. Nutt, B. F. Grafton, Committee


A Worm Killer. J. A. J. Montgomery, Puxico, Wayne Co., MO., writes: “I have little twin girls, who have been bothered with worms all their lives. I tried everything to relieve them which failed until I used White’s Cream Vermifuge; the first two doses brought four worms from one of them, the next two doses, twelve, one of them measuring twelve inches; the other child was only relieved of four worms. It is a most excellent medicine.” White’s Cream Vermifuge is good for children. It not only destroys worms, it helps the child to perfect growth, wards off sickness. 25c. Sold by R. Haas.

You Know What you are Taking. When you take Grove’s Tasteless Chill Tonic because the formula is plainly printed on every bottle showing that it is simply Iron and Quinine in a tasteless form. No Cure, No Pay. 50¢.

Mr. B. F. Gray has been given the contract to make brick for our new court house. He has purchased a brick machine, and will soon begin active operations.

Repent of Your SinsAnd use Hunt’s Lightning Oil for all pains, Catarrh, Neuralgia, Rheumatism, Cuts, Burns, Colic and Diarrhea. Try it. 25 and 50 cts. Satisfaction or money refunded. Sold by J. D. Baughman and B. T. Hopkins.


Two persons were fatally injured and a score of others seriously hurt in a street car accident Sunday at Texarkana.

Sunday evening a freight car wreck occurred on the V S & P railroad near D????. Three box cars were ditched and smashed up. A tramp was killed and a negro brakeman badly injured.

The mention of Judge Watkins’ name in connection with the governorship has prompted the Webster Signal to begin to cast about for a suitable person to take his place on the bench. Does Judge Watkins propose to resign?

Mr. and Mrs. D. L. Cromwell, of Bernice, are visiting relatives in Farmerville.

Judge W. R. Roberts and Mr. L. M. Dendy, of Bernice, were in Farmerville Tuesday.

Gray, McDonald & Lindsey, of Bernice, have about completed their large brick store and will move in it soon.

Mrs. Rosa Levy, of Texarkana, Tex., is visiting relatives and friends in Farmerville. She was formerly Miss Rosa Brown. Her uncle Capt. L. Brunner accompanied her here.

TO CURE A COLD IN ONE DAY  Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All druggists refund the money if it fails to cure. E. W. Grove’s signature is on each box. 25¢

Mr. A. M. Edwards, of ward three, was in Farmerville Tuesday. He informed us that a burglar broke into Mr. J. A. Peek’s store at Ouachita Sunday night, blew his safe open and secured all the money there was in it. Fortunately Mr. Peek had only about $30 in the safe, and hence the robber did not make a rich haul. A suspicious character was seen about Ouachita a few days before the robbery, and as he was missing the next morning, it is supposed he did the work.

Rogers and Everett Real Estate


THE GAZETTE, one dollar a year in advance.


Baughman Store




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