Bob Foster Killed Carson Haberyan

The Gazette
August 26, 1903

A most deplorable tragedy recurred last Sunday afternoon at Downsville resulting in the untimely death of Carson Haberyan, while his assailant Bob Foster is confined in jail under the serious charge of murder.

It seems that Foster and Haberyan had a dispute regarding a settlement. The latter was contractor to carry the mail between Farmerville and Choudrant; and until a few days before the tragedy Foster was employed by Haberyan to drive the mail hack on the Choudrant end of the line. Foster claimed that Haberyan owed him a small balance for wages, and went to Downsville Sunday to attempt to collect it. His demand for the money did not meet with a satisfactory response, whereupon Foster struck Haberyan on the head near the temple with a two-pound weight, knocking him down, after which he dealt him severe blows on the cheek and chin, fracturing those bones.

Haberyan then go up, ran to his mail hack where he had a pistol and fired at Foster while some distance away. The gall went wild of the mark. The wounded man signified a desire to come to Farmerville, his home, and Mr. John Edwards assisted him in his hack and drove him as far as Holmesville, where he died a few moments after reaching there. He never uttered a word after he was struck by Foster, except to speak once to his team.

Foster returned to Choudrant, not knowing the extent of his tragic affair until he was arrested Sunday evening by Deputy Sheriff Gahagan, of Ruston, pursuant to instructions from Sheriff C. H. Murphy.

Carson Haberyan is in his grave in the Farmerville cemetery, while his assailant Bob Foster is in jail under a very grave charge. The former leaves a young widow and an infant child; the latter has a wife and one child who are in great trouble by reason of his rash act. Thus two families are brought to great grief. how much better for all concerned had the two men never met on that fateful and tragic day.




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