Col. Daniel Stein

The Gazette
September 2, 1903

Last Sunday morning about 9:30 o’clock Col. D. Stein, one of the oldest and most prominent citizen of Farmerville, died at the residence of his step daughter, Mrs. Ellen Levi. Mr. Stein had been ill for several weeks, and as he had from the beginning steadily grown weaker and weaker his relatives and friends were not altogether unprepared for the final collapse. He bore his illness without murmur and seemed to make a brave and determined fight against the unrelenting grasp of grim death, never referring to his probable demise, but always maintaining a cheerful demeanor.

Mr. Stein was born in Asselheim, Rheinspfalz, Germany, on Sept. 28, 1833, being at time of his death 69 years, 11 months and 2 days of age. He came to the United States about the year 1855 when, he settled in Alabama. About five years later he moved to Farmerville where he resided continuously till his death. In 1863 he was married to Mrs. Caroline Brunner. Two sons, Abe and Jacob, were the issue of this marriage, both of whom were at his bedside during his last illness. He enlisted in the late civil war with the Confederate forces, and was soon placed in charge of the quarter master’s department.

After the close of the war Mr. Stein engaged in the mercantile business in Farmerville. His excellent business ability and untiring energy soon caused his business to reach out into several parishes of North Louisiana and a few counties in South Arkansas. In Farmerville’s palmiest days the firm of which Col. Stein was the head enjoyed the distinction of operating the most extensive business of any house in North Louisiana out side of Shreveport.

Mr. Stein was progressive, generous and liberal. He constructed and operated the first telegraph and telephone lines ever built to Farmerville. The hand of charity and affliction ever met a generous response and sympathetic hand when he was approached, and in his business relation he was always liberal and public spirited. In his prosperous days he readily and freely lent his ability and means to all schemes that tended to promote Farmerville’s prosperity.

He was a member of the Knights of Pythias, Knights of Honor and American Legion of Honor. In the former order he carried a life insurance policy of $3000, and $2000 in each of the two other orders. His remains were laid at rest in the Jewish cemetery Monday morning, amidst a host of sorrowing relatives and friends.

Rabbi I. Heinberg, of Monroe, officiated in a beautiful ceremony at the burial.

Mr. Stein’s pleasant face and cheerful voice will be sadly missed in our community where he has lived so long.





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