Honorable Fred F. Preaus

The Gazette
September 16, 1903

In this issue of THE GAZETTE appears the announcement of Hon. Fred F. Preaus as a candidate for re-election to the office of District Attorney of the Fourth Judicial District of Louisiana. THE GAZETTE has no scruples when it unreservedly commends Mr. Preaus for re-election. He has been practicing law seventeen years, having obtained his license in June, 1886. He has been a diligent and close student, a man whose probity is second to none and ranks the many. He is a safe, conservative lawyer, able and earnest in the discharge of his official and professional duties. He prosecutes with vigor, but with a keen sense of justice and humanity. He never persecutes. He sees that the state is fairly and honestly represented, and where the evidence justifies he guards the state’s interest, the public weal, with ability, candor, energy and law. He is thoroughly earnest and honest and never allows his personal feelings or outside influences  to thwart justice. He is intolerant as regards prosecutions based upon spite of personal enemies. He is true to himself, his oath, his profession and the interests of the public where the law and the evidence call for a conviction. Mr. Preaus is entirely a self-made man. He asks no one to help him. His position to-day is due, not to any political pull, but to his sterling worth. He is not a politician, but a faithful and capable officer; and again we commend him to the consideration of the voters of the Fourth Judicial District.




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