From Farmerville

The Gazette
October 28, 1903

Cow Belle alias Hatchet Tobacco, alias The “Devil” Smith.

We have Bagging and ties left for a few bales at 75c per bale. UNION GROCERY CO.

The new dwelling house of Mrs. James Hall will soon be completed. Work is going on rapidly.

“Strength and vigor come of good food, duly digested. ‘Force,’ a ready-to-serve wheat and barley food, adds no burden, but sustains, nourishes, invigorates.”

Wanted to buy — 100,000 Hatchet Tobacco Tags at 1/2 cent apiece in merchandise by Jan. 1, 1904.  J. D. BAUGHMAN.

Mr. J. D. Barksdale, of Ruston, and Judge W. R. Roberts, of Bernice, are the visiting attorneys to the district court this week.

Heaven Help Us in our trouble but use Hunt’s cure for Itch, Tetter, Ringworm, Itching Piles and eczema. Guaranteed. Sold by J. D. Baughman and B. T. Hopkins. 

STOPS THE COUGH AND WORKS OFF THE COLD. Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets cure a cold in one day. No cure, no pay. Price 25 cents.

The clerk of court is happy. It’s a boy, and arrived Friday, the 23rd. The mother and child are doing nicely and the “old man” is all smiles.

Swapping lies is practiced, but don’t swap off Hunt’s Lightning Oil for a worthless article. Ask your druggist or merchant for a free sample bottle. Sold by J. D. Baughman and B. T. Hopkins.

Mothers. Who would keep their children in good health, should watch for the first symptoms of worms, and remove them with White’s Cream Vermifuge. It is the childrens’ best tonic. It gets digestion at work so that their food does them good, and they grow up healthy and strong. 25c at R. Haas.

Mr. H. D. Pardue announces his candidacy for Police Juror of ward 5 through this issue of THE GAZETTE. Mr. Pardue filled that position for one term a few years ago, and was always found at his post of duty, faithfully working for the best interests of the parish. He desires us to say that individually he favors the stock law; but that he thinks that all such matters should be controlled by the people, and he is willing to be governed by the wishes of the majority, and will so act if honored with the position.

Beautiful Complexions  Are spoiled by using any kind of preparation that fills the pores of the skin. The best way to secure a clear complexion, free from sallowness, pimples, blotches, etc., is to keep the liver in good order. An occasional dose of Herbine will cleanse the bowels, regulate the liver, and so establish a clear, healthy complexion. 50c at R. Haas.

The public is hereby notified that all financial matters of THE GAZETTE are attended to by the proprietor, Mr. J. G. Trimble, who can be found at the Farmerville State Bank, on the southeast corner of court square. For all subscriptions , advertisements, and any other business, see Mr. Trimble. The editor has nothing to with this part of the paper.

“It Goes Right to the Spot” When pain or irritation exists on any part of the body, the application of Ballard’s Snow Liniment will give prompt relief. “It goes right to the spot,” said an old man who was rubbing it in, to cure his rheumatism. C. R. Smith, Propr. Smith House, Tenaha, Texas, writes: “I have used Ballard’s Snow Liniment in my family for several years, and have found it to be a fine remedy, for all aches and pains, and I recommend it for pains in the throat and chest.” 25c. 50c and $1.00 at R. Haas.

What are Humors

A Tripple Hanging. Smith, Brown and Jones hang their hopes of hopes of recovery upon Cheatham’s Laxative Chill Tablets. They will be around soon shaking hands with friends. 25 cts. No cure – no pay. Sold by J. D. Baughman and B. T. Hopkins.

Dr. W. C. Murphy, of Oakland, was a visitor to Farmerville Monday. The Doctor says he is preparing to move to Victoria, Ark. We hate to see a good citizen like him leave Union Parish, but THE GAZETTE’s best wishes go with him to his new home.

COTTON SEED! Before selling your cotton seed, it will pay you to see me. i pay the highest cash price for all seed delivered at Lillie. I will also sell you goods at lowest prices. The S. K. Pants and Friedman Bros.’ Shoes a specialty. J. S. FARRAR.

The Farmerville High School now has an enrollment of over one hundred pupils. The school is on the increase and should be kept so. The united efforts of the citizens in and around Farmerville can build up not only the school but the town.

TO CURE A COLD IN ONE DAY  Take Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets. All druggists refund the money if it fails to cure. E. W. Grove’s signature is on each box. 25¢

Mr. John Lockwood, of Ruston, arrived in Farmerville Sunday afternoon. His many friends here are always pleased to see his genial face. Mr. Lockwood is one of the promoters of the railroad now being built in Farmerville.

IT IS PAY DAY. Pay day is now here. If you ow me on note or account or for subscription to THE GAZETTE, please call and settle. By noticing date on you paper opposite your name, you can figure how much you owe for THE GAZETTE. A prompt settlement will be appreciated.  J. G. TRIMBLE.

THE GAZETTE, one dollar a year in advance.

Farmerville State Bank






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