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December 2, 1903

Holiday Goods of all kinds at W. A. Mashaw’s.

Major John Donley is still confined to his room but, we are pleased to note, much improved.

Hope and Wisdom. Both are contained in Cheatham’s Laxative Chill Tablets. Try them. 25 cents. No cure – no pay. Sold by J. D. Baughman and B. T. Hopkins. 

Cow Belle alias Hatchet Tobacco, alias The “Devil” Smith.

Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Mashaw returned Tuesday from a few days visit to relatives and friends in Ruston.

Pretty Tough to Scratch. For a living and relief also. Hunt’s Cure will cure you of itch, tetter, ring worm, itching piles, eczema. Guaranteed by all dealers. Sold by J. D. Baughman and B. T. Hopkins.

W. A. Mashaw can please you in the way of holiday goods. Try him.

Mr. J. H. Allen and wife are now making Farmerville headquarters. We could wigh that Mr. Allen and his charming wife would conclude to settle here permanently.

What’s the Trouble.  With your back, old man? Rheumatism? Too bad, too bad. I advise you to try Hunt’s Lightning Oil. It is said to be a wonderful remedy. Sold by J. D. Baughman and B. T. Hopkins. 

We have Bagging and Ties left for a few bales at 75c per bale. UNION GROCERY CO.

Married — At the residence of the brides father, Mr. M. B. Brantley, Mr. William A. Smith to Miss Ocie Brantley at 3 o’clock p. m., Thursday, Nov. 26th. Rev. Henry Archer officiating.

Laugh and the World Laughs with you, have chills and you chill alone. Cheatham’s Laxative Chill Tablets cures, gives an appetite and strength. Most convenient chill Tonic on earth. Can carry in the vest pocket. Sold by J. D. Baughman and B. T. Hopkins.

HOLIDAY GOODS! — Novelties, Watches, Clocks, Jewelry, at W. A. Mashaw’s.

Our friend Mr. J. A. Mashaw who has been visiting Ruston returned yesterday with his wife and baby. Joe is very proud of his little girl but this is not more than are all parents. Yet Joe is proud.

“Strength and vigor come of good food, duly digested. ‘Force,’ a ready-to-serve wheat and barley food, adds no burden, but sustains, nourishes, invigorates.”

Everything Comes To those that wait, even now and then aches and pains, rheumatism, catarrh, neuralgia and everything that hurts. Hunt’s Lightning Oil keeps off everything except old age and death. Try it. 25 and 50 cts. Satisfaction or money refunded. Sold by J. D. Baughman and B. T. Hopkins.

Say, ask Millsaps & Co., of West Monroe, for price on Seed Rye.

Favorite Family Remedy. Frequently accidents occur in the household, which cause burns, cuts, sprains and bruises; for use in such cases, Ballard’s Snow Liniment has for many years been the constant favorite family remedy.  25c, 50c, and $1.00 at R. Haas’

Dr. J. G. Evans has moved from Haynesville, La., to Farmerville with his charming wife and young baby. Dr. Evans has formed a partnership with Dr. C. H. Jameson, who has a lucrative practice. We cordially welcome Dr. Evans and family.

STOPS THE COUGH AND WORKS OFF THE COLD. Laxative Bromo Quinine Tablets cure a cold in one day. No cure, no pay. Price 25 cents.

I have a half car of sack flour — high patent and fancy patent — for 65c and 75c per sack. Guaranteed. J. D. BAUGHMAN

E W. Grove

The Best Prescription for Malaria, Chills and Fever is a bottle of Grove’s Tasteless Chill Tonic. It is simply iron and quinine in a tasteless form. No cure, no pay. Price 50¢.

Attorney C. B. Roberts, of Ruston, spent a couple days in Farmerville last week, attending to legal matters and other business. He authorized us to say that he was a candidate for district attorney at the ensuing judicial election, and that his formal announcement for the position would be made later.

NOTICE. All parties whom I have bought seed from on contracts will please bank same soon, as I want to ship on first water. I am still paying the highest cash price for all seed banked.  JOHN BALLARD, Agt. Union Oil Co.

We have entered on exchange list The Haynesville Independent, a bright, newsy and instructive journal. The copy received is Vol. 2 No. 40 Messrs. O. C. Story and J. M. Henry are the editors. We are glad to exchange with our Claiborne Parish contemporary. Union and Claiborne are identified in interests, and though separated recently from the same judicial district, Union has many friends in Claiborne and Claiborne in Union. God save the State, Union and Claiborne.

MISSOURI MULES!  I will be at Bernice Friday and Saturday, Dec. 4th and 5th, and at Farmerville Monday, Dec. 7, with a car of select Missouri mules. Meet me on dates above given if you need stock.  J. D. BAUGHMAN.

Pain in Stomach

WANTED–Men to learn barber trade. Tools, diplomas, position and board given. Years saved by our method of free work and expert instructions. Write today. Moler Barber College, New Orleans, La.

Don’t Become Discouraged. But use Simmon’s Liver Purifier (tin box.) Many imitations of the original, so be careful and see that it’s “Purifier” and manufactured by the A. C. Simmons, Jr., Medicine Co. Sold by J. D. Baughman and B. T. Hopkins.

COTTON SEED! Before selling your cotton seed, it will pay you to see me. i pay the highest cash price for all seed delivered at Lillie. I will also sell you goods at lowest prices. The S. K. Pants and Friedman Bros.’ Shoes a specialty. J. S. FARRAR.

HE FOUND A CURE. R. H. Foster, 318 S. 2d Street, Salt Lake City, writes: “I have been bothered with dyspepsia or indigestion for 21 years, have tried many doctors without relief, but I have found a cure in Herbine. I recommend it to all my friends, who are afflicted that way, and it is curing them, too. 50c at R. Haas’.

Rev. L. B. Burnside and Mr. G. C. Burnside, of New London and Victoria, Arkansas, receptively, are in town to attend the nuptials of Mr. Herbert hall who will marry Miss Gray Taylor, the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Mathew Taylor, this evening at three o’clock.

HARRIS’ BUSINESS COLLEGE, Jackson, Miss., will take your note for tuition, payable when you secure a position. They guarantee positions, under reasonable conditions. They cannot supply the demand for bookkeepers and stenographers.

Best Liniment on Earth. I. M. McHany, Greenville, Tex., writes, Nov. 2d, 1900. “I had rheumatism last winter, was down in bed six weeks; tried everything, but got no relief, till a friend gave me a part of a bottle of Ballard’s Snow Liniment. I used it, and got two more bottles. It cured me and I haven’t felt any rheumatism since. I can recommend Snow Liniment to be the best liniment on earth for rheumatism.” For rheumatic, sciatic or neuralgic pains, rub in Ballard’s Snow Liniment , you will not suffer long, but will be gratified with a speedy and effective cure.  25c, 50c and $1.00. Sold by R. Haas.

We will pay highest market price for green hide and dry hides, furs, beeswax, sheep skins, wool and country produce, in cash. UNION MERCANTILE Co., LTD., Gus Hartman, Agt.

THE GAZETTE, one dollar a year in advance.


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