Bernice Citizen Yields to Despair

The Gazette
March 4, 1914



Wife Out of Room Only Few Minutes When She Heard Report of Pistol


Western Newspaper Union News Service.

Bernice, La. —  George W. Moore, a local capitalist, formerly of Shiloh, La., committed suicide Saturday in his home here. Mr. Moore had long been a sufferer from cancer, undergoing a serious operation in New Orleans in June, 1913. It is thought that despair of getting well led to the deed. His friends knew of his affliction, but seeing him about town often, never suspected that he would use means to bring himself to a tragic end.

It is said that Mrs. Moore had been absent from the room of her husband several minutes when the report of a gun was heard. Returning immediately to the room, she was confronted by the body of her dead husband, which presented a ghastly sight as it lay collapsed and almost headless.

The walls and ceiling of the room were bespattered with blood and brains, and fragments of the skull lay over the floor. Beside the body lay the shotgun that was used. One barrel was empty; the other loaded and cocked.


This is George W. Moore Jr.  He was married to Annie Hamilton.

The son of George W. Moore Jr. and Eliza Ann Reed

BIRTH 17 MAR 1852  Union Parish, Louisiana, USA

DEATH 21 FEB 1914  Union Parish, Louisiana, USA



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