Piece Of Property Has Been Owned By 4 Court Clerks

The Gazette
October 5, 1939

Zollie Rabun Present Owner of Property

A plot f ground northeast of town, owned by Zollie C. Rabun, clerk of court, has been owned by four clerks of court of Union Parish in the past 100 years.

W. W. Farmer, for whom Farmerville is named was the first owner of this property having secured it directly form the United States. He secured this property about the time the town was founded and in all probability, the house he erected then was the second one in or about Farmerville. The first house was built by W. C. Carr first sheriff of the parish.

In about 1852 the property was sold to Reuben Ellis, clerk and recorder. He kept it until 1856 when it was sold for the third time to William C. Smith, recorder.

About this time, James M. Smith was born. He served as clerk of court in Union Parish for about 30 years and is remembered by many of the old people.

The property passed through several hands before coming into possession of its present owner. Mr. Rabun, who is the fourth clerk of court to own the plot.





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